ALA Recruitment Assembly Notes

June 25, 2007

ALA Annual Conference – Washington, DC


 Julie Brewer, Chair, ALA Recruitment Assembly (University of Delaware)
 Beatrice Calvin, Program Officer, ALA HRDR
 Silvia Calzada, UCLA
 Regina Cortez, ALA Emerging Leader Program (Mid Arkansas Regional Library)
 Deborah Costa, RUSA (UCLA)
 Denise Davis, Simmons College GSLIS
 Alberto Herrera, Jr., REFORMA Mentoring Committee (Marquette University)
 Jerry Heverly, WESS Committee for Recruitment to the Profession (NYU)
 Alexia Hudson, ALA Emerging Leader Program (Penn State Great Valley)
 Megan Kinney, Denver Public Library
 Robert Labaree, University of Southern California
 Chihfeng Lin, Shih-Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan
 Larry Neal, PLA Recruitment Committee (Clinton-Macomb Public Library)
 Connie Paul, ASCLA (Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative)
 Liladhar Pendse, UCLA
 Robin Rousu, ALA Emerging Leader Program (Washington Talking Book & Braille Library)
 Loriene Roy, ALA President-Elect (Univ. of Texas School of Information)
 Allison Sutton, ALA Spectrum Advisory Council (Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
 Lorelle Swader, Director, HRDR Office
 Albert Tovar, UCLA Recruitment Committee (City of Azusa)
 Manuel Urrizola, ALCTS (UC Riverside)
 Carolyn Wood, ALA Emerging Leader Program (West Deptford Free Public Library)

Four members of the ALA Emerging Leader team, including Regina Cortez, Alexia Hudson, Robin Rousu, and Carolyn Wood presented a marketing plan for   

The EL team has a project wiki at    Members of the Assembly are asked to read the marketing plan in detail, provide feedback, and identify top priorities for implementation.  

The Assembly agreed to the following immediate actions:

1. Julie will work with Connie to propose project opportunities for the next class of Emerging Leaders;

2. Larry Neal and members of the current EL team agreed to work with Lorelle Swader to pursue a website usability test;

3. Lorelle and Bea will immediately link the Reel Life Librarians video on to;

4a. Lorelle will continue to work on improving the representation of on the new;

4b. Assembly members also are encouraged to review the website and provide direct feedback;

5a. Julie will work with Lorelle and Bea to email brand logo and button to ALDirect;

5b. Julie will work with Lorelle and Bea to email brand logo and button to state chapters.

ALA Library Career Recruitment Clearinghouse

 The ALA Library Career Recruitment Clearinghouse migrated from the previous website to a new wiki platform earlier this year.    The Clearinghouse wiki was featured as the 3 rd item in the Maya 22, 2007 ALA Executive Director’s report.   Members are encouraged to add content.   Assistance.   Julie will submit a project proposal to the Emerging Leaders Program requesting assistance with the organization, design, and content development of the Clearinghouse.

HRDR Report

 Lorelle Swader, Director, ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment, reported that the June/July 2007 issue of the Chicago Chapter publication of the Allied Association of Organization Executives will feature as a cover story.    She will distribute copies once it is published.

Report from ALA President-Elect

 Loriene Roy, ALA President-Elect, noted the importance of recruitment and invited the Assembly to send her a brief paragraph to insert in various talks, as well as give aways she may distribute.    Julie will work with Lorelle to send Loriene text and bookmarks.

ACRL Poster Session

 Julie Brewer and Asher Jackson presented “Reaching Out: Strategies and Resources for Library Career Recruitment” at the ACRL National Conference in Baltimore in March 2007 on behalf of the ALA Recruitment Assembly.    They re-used many of the materials presented at the ALA poster session at the 2006 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.    The materials are available to be re-used again at future conferences.

Reports on Recruitment Initiatives

 ALA – Lorelle reported that ALA just received a second IMLS recruitment grant to fund PhD level Spectrum Scholars.

 ALCTS - Manuel Urrizola reported that ALCTS, with funding from SAGE, provided support for 6 library paraprofessional staff who work in technical services to attend the 2007 ALA Annual Conference.  

 CALA – Manuel also reported that the Chinese American Library Association presented 4 graduate library education scholarships.

 SPECTRUM - Allison Sutton reported on the “Reaching Out Giving Back” Spectrum outreach initiative that will send current and former Spectrum Scholars to school and public libraries in cities hosting ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences to support literacy and career recruitment initiatives.     Its anticipated that the Spectrum scholars will meet with the first groups of children at the Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia with a full launch of the program at the 2008 Annual Conference in Anaheim.    She also reported on Spectrum’s 10 th Anniversary Celebration.

 UCLA – Albert Tovar reported that the UCLA graduate information school hosted a very successful day-long recruitment summit with excellent attendance.    The summit was an effective regional approach to addressing recruitment concerns.   Albert agreed to link the 30 page report from the summit to the Clearinghouse wiki to share with others.

 ASCLA – Robin reported that the Century Scholarship is 7 years old and plans are in the works to expand the program to offer a second scholarship each year.

 Colorado – Megan Kinney reported on a new IMLS recruitment grant entitled Library Education and Diversity (LEAD) coordinated by Denver Public Library, REFORMA Colorado, and Denver University to fund new graduate MLIS students from underrepresented backgrounds committed to work in public libraries.

 New Jersey - Connie Paul reported on the New Jersey Urban Libraries IMLS grant that assists participants complete undergraduate and graduate degrees and become librarians in urban libraries. – Denise Davis reported that she is working with to link to their website.


Members are asked to:

  1. read the marketing plan in detail and email Julie with a list of the top three priorities for implementation;
  2. review the new website and provide feedback;
  3. review education and career section of the new ALA website at recruitment related information and links to

Next Meeting

 Monday, January 14, 2008 from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia.

Prepared by Julie Brewer