ALA Recruitment Assembly Minutes June 26, 2006 ALA Annual Conference – New Orleans





             Julie Brewer, Chair, ALA Recruitment Assembly

             Detrice Bankhead, LAMA Representative

             Beatrice Calvin, Program Officer, ALA HRDR

             Deborah Costa, RUSA Representative

             Olivia Madison, Chair, HRDR Advisory Committee

             Larry Neal, PLA Recruitment Committee

             Lorelle Swader, Director, HRDR Office

             Manuel Urrizola, ALCTS Representative



Report on Spring 2006 Executive Board Meeting


Julie Brewer reported on the April 2006 telephone call with ALA Executive Board:


1.       Julie thanked the EB for their support of the creation of the website and promotional bookmarks.   She asked EB members to distribute bookmarks and help promote at the ALA Annual Conference.  

2.       The EB asked that “American Library Association” be added to the bookmark and that the new JobList product be marketed on the backside of the bookmark. Members of the RA noted that “Be a Librarian” seems to have also been added to the bookmark.   This detracts from the intention of the website to be inclusive of careers for all types of library workers.   Members of the RA expressed concern that the ALA branding and additional text visually complicates the message, as well.

3.       The EB also suggested that information about technical services careers be better represented on   Julie will request the ALCTS Membership Committee to review the website and offer content in that area. Website discussion


              Continued development:


1.       Larry Neal will work with Beatrice to identify any pieces of the website that are incomplete, including the location of the link to the ALA Recruitment Clearinghouse.

2.       Julie will work with Beatrice to migrate the ALA Recruitment Clearinghouse from the University of Delaware Library web server to the ALA web server.


              Review of marketing initiatives:


1.       A retractable banner was displayed at the HRDR table in the exhibit area.   The banner is available for future use at ALA and library career recruitment functions.   A metered sign was posted near the ALA Placement Center.

2.       A press release was distributed in February 2006.   As a result, notice of the new website appeared in AL Direct.   The RA requested that the press release with copies of the bookmark get mailed to career counselors, ALISE members, state library agencies and consortia, and ALA chapters.   Beatrice was asked to link the press release to the RA website.

3.       A quarter-page ad appeared in on page 7 of the April 2006 issue of American Libraries.   Beatrice Calvin was asked to look into placing the same ad in the 2007 Annual Conference Program.   Beatrice agreed to send a copy of the ad to Julie Brewer so Julie can do an electronic mailing to the Chapter Relations electronic mail list.   Chapters will be asked to link their career recruitment webpages (if they have one) to and to insert a copy of the ad in their chapter newsletters.

4.       Bookmarks have been widely distributed at Annual Conference.   Additional bookmarks are available from the HRDR Office.   Bookmarks will be distributed with materials going to career fairs.

5.       Pens were made available at the HRDR table in the exhibit area and at the Poster Session.

6.       Manuel Urrizola, Megan Kinney, and Julie Brewer will present a Poster Session later this morning featuring   Julie Brewer will work with Manuel and Deborah Costa to submit a similar poster session proposals for the 2006 Joint Conference for Librarians of Color and the 2007 ACRL National Conference.  

7.       Beatrice Calvin and Lorelle Swader will present a poster session in July 2006 at the National Career Development Association in Chicago.

8.       Beatrice was asked to contact the ALA Public Information Office to request that a sentence such as, “Look for more information about working in libraries at,” get inserted in contacts with the media.

9.       Beatrice Calvin was asked to investigate how to spotlight the new website on the main ALA webpage.

10.   Julie Brewer will draft an article for Cognotes featuring



ALA recruitment video/podcast discussion


             The Recruitment Assembly’s next project is to find funding for a short, fast-paced recruitment video.   The video would be available via the ALA website and possibly linked to other video outlets and available for streaming and podcasting.   The video would direct viewers to for more information.   Larry Neal recommended looking at the work of the Hollywood Librarian project.   Julie Brewer will work with Connie Paul to draft a written proposal that may be used in contacting potential sources.

             Julie Brewer reported that Connie Paul is working with Leslie Burger’s presidential task force to see if any funding is available for a recruitment video.   Julie will also contact Loriene Roy to request similar consideration if funding from Leslie Burger is not available.   Manuel agreed to talk with Loriene Roy at JCLC.   Deborah Costa suggested contacting divisions for contributions.



Division Reports


             Deborah Costa reported that RUSA has no new recruitment initiatives, but reminded the Recruitment Assembly of RUSA past cooperation with ALCTS for a recruitment brochure.

             Manuel Urrizola reported that ALCTS, with funding from SAGE, supported 6 library support staff to attend the 2006 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.   Each attendee was paired with a conference mentor.   Manuel also noted that UC Irvine Library continues to work closely with the campus career center and has its own career recruitment brochure.

             Deborah and Manuel reported that the University of California is hosting a state-wide Diversity Summit this year.

             Larry Neal reported that the January/February 2006 issue of Public Libraries was devoted to career recruitment topics.   The PLA Recruitment Committee’s recruitment survey was featured in one article.   PLA sponsored 5 Spectrum this past year.   PLA also provided 5 “Grow Your Own” grants through a competitive application process.



Next Chair


The Recruitment Assembly recommended that Julie Brewer be reappointed to a second term as Chair of the ALA Recruitment Assembly.    The Recruitment Assembly also recommended that the relationship with the HRDR Advisory Committee be strengthened so that the Chair of the ALA Recruitment Assembly serves as an ex officio non-voting member of HRDR Advisory Committee.   Both recommendations will go to the HRDR Advisory Committee for approval.



Future Meetings


             The Recruitment Assembly discussed moving the meeting day and time, but agreed to keep the Monday morning 8:00-10:00am time slot for the 2007 ALA Midwinter Meeting.   Julie Brewer will ask other Recruitment Assembly members via email about preferences for the meeting day and time.

             Lorelle Swader suggested “prospecting” more attendees for future meetings.   The HRDR Office has the names of people who have attended past Recruitment Assembly meetings and events.