Committee on the Status of Women In Librarianship

Meeting Notes
American Library Association
2007 Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, WA
January 20, 2007

Shinjoung Yeo (Chair)
Melody Allison
Sharyn Ladner
John Moorman
Lauren Pressley
Debora Smith
Lorelle Swader
Barbara Pickell

  • Resolution
    Resolution on congratulating Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on her appointment is revised based on feedback from Jessemyn West and Theresa Tobin and Shinjoung Yeo will send out to COSWL members to get final feedback.

  • Support Anita Schiller’s ALA honorary member nomination
    Schiller wrote the seminal article in the 1960s showing disparity between men and women in the library profession. Is there any way that COSWL can support her nomination? Would it be possible to make this a COSWL resolution? Lorelle S. suggested that it would be very appropriate to either write or sign on to another’s resolution. We will check with Lois to see if she’s been nominated. If yes, we can write in support. Sharyn moved that COSWL prepare resolution supporting Anita’s Shiller’s nomination as an honorary member of nomination. Committee members voted to support: vote was “yes”

  • COSWL booth at ALA Annual
    One of the ways to make COSWL visible is to have a booth where we can inform people about what COSWL is about. We will participate in ALA Pavilion for pilot in Washington DC. We will have bookmark or Moo card with coswl URL and have laptop so that people can comment on COSWL blog.

  • Budget changes every year ($4000)
    We will come up with idea to support COSWL’s vision. Funding can be used to make COSWL brochure and other promotional material.

  • Meeting schedule
    ShinJoung Yeo suggested that COSWL not conflict with other women’s groups. Maybe Sunday at 8:00 am Sunday 1:30-3:30 or Tuesday 8:00am meeting

  • Website, blogging, etc.
    COSWL members are authors of the blog; we’d like to have each member write one post per week. Blog will be used for discussion and new information on women’s issues. Create Flickr account for COSWL to upload any COSWL related pictures. Wiki might be useful for internal work, share information over time for COSWL website, we will add meeting notes and link to coswl blog, leads to social software

  • Research Project and presentation with FTF on male domination in ALA
    COSWL is interested in participating in the research project and collaborating with FTF.

  • Digitization of COSWL documents and reports
    Sharyn Lander will continue work and will contact Lorelle to see what’s in the archives, how to get access to them, and make them available online.

  • Main goals before DC meeting
    Get blog really working and tie into thesis on webpage and keep webpage current

  • 2008 Annual ALA: Anaheim Conference
    COSWL is planning to have a program on Women and social technology and see if we want to joint presentation with other women’s organization.