Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL)

American Library Association
2005 Midwinter Meeting Notes
January 15, 2005

Biblio, M
Bissessar, T
Frazer, C.T
Ladner, S
Richardson, M
Yeo, S
Gooden, A
Swader, L
Davis, D
Brown, M.M.

  1. A very brief discussion occurred before we went around the table to introduce ourselves.
  2. We briefly talked about Mary Biblio’s role as a founding member of the IFLA women’s group.
  3. We spent the first 75 minutes of our three hour meeting working on ALA’s strategic plan draft;
  4. Pay equity day (4/19/05) was discussed briefly; It will take women until 4/19/05 to catch up with a man’s 2004 earnings.
  5. S. Ladner requested that COSWL submit an action item to ALA Council, as part of COSWL’s 2004-05 annual report, to have ALA’s pay equity statistics broken down by gender and race
  6. L. Swader mentioned the ALA/APA will begin doing salary research; Denise Davis is the committee’s chair.

After a short break, there was a lengthy discussion of COSWL’s two sessions during 2005 annual conference.

S. Yeo showed the committee several logos for our consideration for COSWL merchandise to market at our two sessions. The suggested items to sell were:

  • baseball caps
  • spillproof cups
  • bags (union made preferable)
  • insulated lunch packs

We need to decide what item we want to market. I apologize a month has gone by with no activity on this issue. Can we all decide by 2/21 if we still want to sell merchandise and if so, which of the four (4) items listed above is your choice of merchandise to sell?

Website materials have been forwarded to Beatrice Calvin. L. Swader suggested we do a press release about COSWL’s updated website. L. Swader also suggested COSWL consider handing out brochure’s and/or manning a table during the support staff event at annual conference on 6/25/05. Lorelle also mentioned ALA’s plan to standardize meetings in 2006; this could mean some “skeleton”schedule changes.

We discussed a future COSWL program on “relational aggression,” the term of art for the passive/aggressive, competitive female-female behavior.

Programs at 2005 annual conference, Chicago:

  • 11:30-12:30; the program between ALA’s women’s groups that COSWL plans every third year
    Suggestion - use the negative fallout from participants disclosing another participant’s comments to her supervisor as a discussion point for 2005:
    1. brief recounting of Atlanta situation; M. Richardson
    2. professionalism; M. Biblio
    3. progression; S. Yeo
    4. models of successful women’s solidarity; S. Ladner, COSWL

    The name of this program is: “Ways in which we dis each other”

  • 1:30-3:30 “Nice Girls still don’t get paid” Dr. Charlotte Dunham, speaker

    We talked about taping the “nice girls” program. Do we still want to do that? If so, Lorelle, what do we need to do? We will have to do our program via email, so we are ready and organized in Chicago.

The entire committee was interested in exploring relational aggression, from how this behavior is born in the family to the acculturation of girls to be afraid to advocate for themselves, to negotiate salary to the social impetus for disenfranchising women.

M.M. Brown is working on a complete bibliography of books and articles that contain information on relational aggression.

The committee voted to enthusiastically endorse M. Biblio for an IFLA committee position. We adjourned at 11am.