OTLD Web Page Subcommittee Meeting

Friday, June 25, 2004 - 9:30-11:00am
Orlando, FL

Attendees: Jan Zauha, Martha Parsons, Ann Marie Wilier, and Kara Whately (NMRT liaison) gathered to discuss the Web site for OTLD.

We reviewed the “Suggestions for the website page (OTLD)” section of the 1/9/04 Midwinter meeting minutes.
We spoke with Dorothy Ragsdale about the cunent contents of the OTLD web page. Among other key documents already up, Dorothy (with others) will be creating an FAQ section.

We reviewed the charge for the OTLD Committee to remind ourselves of the Committee’s focus on ALA OTLD offerings and initiatives.

We revisited the idea of also making our Web site a kind of gathering point for other professional training and leadership development opportunities.

Martha Parsons reported that she’d heard another ALA committee is working on a training database.
Discussion included concerns that we not try to re-invent too many wheels, that we not create an unmanageable site that moves too far from our central charge (which is ALA- focused), and the question of who will maintain whatever links and content we create.

The following work was distributed:

Jan Zauha

  • Contact Scott Goldy for his work on collecting ALA links appropriate to OTLD’s charge
  • Start drafting a pathfinder for professional development to guide new librarians (and others?) toward various options for exploring leadership development. This will include such things as what associations one should identify and explore, what other entities such as state libraries offer options, etc. We felt this would be more effective than re-creating an exhaustive list of state and regional organizations. Also, search to see if ALA already has such a list up.

Martha Parsons

  • Find out what’s happening with the ALA training database idea
  • Work on a plan for the organization of infonnation on the OTLD Web page
  • Work with Dorothy Ragsdale to determine how much and what part of the OTLD training for committee chair’s session in the afternoon of 6/25/04 would be appropriate to put up on the OTLD Web site.

Kara Whatley

  • Explore NMRT’s exisiting programs and materials and identify those that would be useful for OTLD to link to on the Web site

Ann Marie Wilier

  • Work with Jan Zauha to identify outside ALA opportunities for OTLD to link to and how best to do this.

Dorothy Ragsdale will continue to be our contact for actually putting content up on the ALA Web site.  The subcommittee will touch bases again on this work on or before September 15, 2004.