Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Friday, January 14,2005
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Sheridan Boston Hotel
Boston, MA

Attendees: Donna Dziedzic (chair), Laurel Minott, Nancy Pack, Martha Parsons, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane

Absent: Lorely Ambriz, Bella Karr Gerlich, Esther Grassian, Mary Lee Hastier, Jo Bell Whitlatch,

Guests: Larry Kroah

1. Welcome by Donna Dziedzic, Chair, OTLD

2. Introductions

3. Minutes approved -2004 Annual OTLD committee meeting

4. Incoming Committee Chair Orientation

The OTLD hosted and sponsored its first program at the 2005 Annual Conference. In collaboration with Carl Brey-Casiano an orientation for incoming committee chairs occurred with Eli Mina as the facilitator. A number of committee chairs attended and the program was well received.
An overview was given in the minutes.

5. Committee Chair Handbook

Dorothy Ragsdale developed a committee chair handbook replicating the Roundtable Chair handbook. A subcommittee of Donna Dziedzic, Laurel Minott, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane, and Dorothy Ragsdale formed to finalize the committee chair handbook. Dorothy will forward a copy to subcommittee and entire committee for comment. Due date will be 03 -0 1-05.

6. 2010 Strategic Plan

D. Dziedzic facilitated discussion on the 2010 strategic plan document by Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director, ALA. Each affiliate committee to review and forward their comments and issues/concerns regarding this plan.

7. 2005 Committee Chair Orientation

Michael Gorman wants an orientation training for his incoming committee chairs. Eli Mina has agreed to facilitate this program. A time and date has yet to be determined, the committee recommends Thursday evening.

8. Subcommittee follow-up

  1. Janelle Zauha - chair, website links for internal program - other volunteers, Martha Parsons
  2. Laurel Minott
  3. New member roundtable
  4. Martha Parsons - training database
  5. Karen Whatley - work with new member roundtable (NMRT)
  6. Ann Marie Wilier - work with J. Zauha to identify opportunities for OTLD to link to and how best to do this.

1. Agenda
2. Certification -

• Resource
• Who will have guarantee levels of competency
• ALA should not undercut that including support staff would dilute the profession.

4. Public

Action Items

- Subcommittees complete their tasks
- Review proposed committee chair handbook
- Finalize date for incoming committee officers training