Midwinter 2004

Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee
Minutes from Friday, January 9, 2004
San Diego Marriott Hotel
San Diego, CA

Attendees: Kathleen Bethel, Bella Karr Gerlich, Laurel Minott, Larry Kroah, Irene Percelli, Dorothy Ragsdale, Maurice Wheeler

Absent: Kevin Barron, Donna Dziedzic, Scott Goldy, Marilyn Hinshaw, Martha Parsons, Susan Sterling, Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Maurice Wheeler reviewed the agenda for agreement and for any changes. The midwinter had the following agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Review of the minutes
  • Committee chair handbook
  • Website development
  • Committee chair training

Several sub-committees were established, they are:

  • Website committee: Scott Goldy, Laurel Minott, Janelle Zahua
  • Committee chair training: Larry Kroah, Irene Percelli, Laurel Minott, Bella Karr Gerlich
  • Committee chair handbook: Irene Percelli, Donna Dziedzic, Dorothy Ragsdale

During the committee meetings sub-committees divided into work groups. The committee sub-groups with the following recommendations. Each sub-groups will continue their work via conference calls, faxes and emails.

  1. Suggestions for the website page (OTLD)
    1. Listing of training programs
    2. Developing FAQ
    3. Role of handbook
    4. Role of intern
    5. Links to other leadership programs
    6. Links to other orientation programs
    7. How do you become an intern
  2. Carol Brey-Casiano, President-Elect requested this committee coordinate an orientation meeting at the 2004 Annual Conference for incoming committee chairs.
    1. Insert topics for committee chair orientation by workgroup. Maurice Wheeler discussed these items with Carol Brey at the 2004 midwinter meeting.
    2. Insert suggested items for information packets.
  3. Committee Chair Handbook – the committee will complete its work via conference calls, emails and faxes
    Topics for Committee Chair Training
    1. Overview ALA operations
    2. Program deadline
    3. Tracks and definitions
    4. Midwinter planning
    5. Annual programs
    6. Culture of
    7. Budget cycle
    8. Conference planning
    9. Cognotes