Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Saturday, January 25, 2003
10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Marriott Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

Attendees: Irene Percelli (Chair), Karen Downing, Annie Marie Ford, Dorothy Ragsdale

Guests: Larry Kroch, Prost

Absent: Kevin Barron, Donna Dziedzic, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, John D. Berry, Scott Goldy, Marilyn Hinshaw, Laurel Minott, Mary Moore, Susan Sterling, Naimah Salahuddin


  1. OTLD roster
  2. Minutes 2002 ALA Annual, Atlanta, DA
  3. Inventory of other association websites

Irene Percelli advised that she attended the training class for Web Content design held at the 2003 Midwinter Meeting. Irene advised:

  1. New site is similar to the current site.
  2. Absent a tag designated for orientation.
  3. The Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee needs a website.
  4. No space for “virtual meeting,” interaction in real time or not.
  5. Library school and support staff not included in new decision.
  6. Glossary of terms is missing.
  7. New content does not require HTML experience.