Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Saturday, January 19, 2002
3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m., Marriott Hotel, Governor's Suite
New Orleans, LA

Attendees: Alice Calabrese, John D. Berry, Robert Newlen, Juliet Machie, Annie Marie Ford, H. Lea Wells, Laurel Minott, Estelle Black, Louise Sherby, Dorothy Ragsdale, Staff Liaison

Guests: Linda Kelly, Director of Human Resources, University of Illinois-Urbana Libraries

Welcome and introduction of attendees

  • Robert Newlen chaired the meeting, welcoming our guest and requested everyone to introduce themselves and to give the name of a book they are reading.
  • A historical review of the project was given by Dorothy Ragsdale. The committee understood the reasons for the delay.
  • The revised timeline was distributed and the committee agreed to the new timeline.
  • Individuals/ALA units suggested for telephone interviews are:
    • Five (5) OLTD committee members
    • Director OLOS
    • Director Chapter Relations
    • Ex. Dir. ALA
    • Director HRDR
    • Sr. AED ALA
    • Several scholarship recipients
    • AED Finance
    • AED Washington Office

Responsible party: The Communications Office will develop questions for telephone interviews. OLTD committee member with review interview questions.

Committee suggested for electronic surveys (50):

  1. President, Executive Board, ALA
  2. President Elect, " " "
  3. Past President, " " "
  4. Treasurer, " " "
  5. Executive Bd – liaison, Alice Calabrese
  6. AED, Communications & Marketing

    Committee Chairs

  7. Chapter Relations
  8. Membership
  9. Minority Concerns-Cultural Diversity
  10. International Relations

    Divisional Presidents

  11. AASL
  12. ALCTS
  13. ALSC
  14. ASCLA
  15. LAMA
  16. LITA
  17. PLA
  18. RUSA
  19. YALSA
  20. ACRL

    Roundtable (17)

  21. CLENERT (Continuing Library Education Network and Exchange Round Table)
  22. EMIERT (Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table)
  23. ERT (Exhibits Round Table)
  24. FAFLRT (Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table)
  25. GLBTRT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Round Table)
  26. GODORT (Government Documents Round Table)
  27. ILERT (Independent Librarians Exchange Round Table)
  28. IFRT (Intellectual Freedom Round Table)
  29. IRRT (International Relations Round Table)
  30. LHRT (Library History Round Table)
  31. LIRT (Library Instruction Round Table)
  32. LRRT (Library Research Round Table)
  33. LSSIRT (Library Support Staff Interest Round Table)
  34. MAGERT (Map and Geography Round Table)
  35. NMRT (New Members Round Table)
  36. SRRT (Social Responsibilities Round Table)
  37. SORT (Staff Organization Round Table)
  38. SRRT Support Staff Interest Roundtable)
  39. SORT (Staff Organizations Round Table)
  40. SSIRT (Support Staff Interest Roundtable)
  41. VRT (Video Round Table)

It was suggested we invite representatives from the affiliates organizations – Dorothy Ragsdale.

  1. Responsible: Dorothy Ragsdale will secure affiliate list from Executive Office.
  2. Responsible party: Communication Office will develop electronic program. OLTD committee will review; OLTD will forward suggested questions to Dorothy Ragsdale.

John D. Berry asked Robert Newlen and Dorothy Ragsdale to determine the number of members who should be surveyed to determine validity number.

The final action related to setting meeting time. The alternative of 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. at midwinter seemed the best time. A number of the committee members indicated the morning time slot was a conflict.

Dorothy Ragasdale confirmed with Karen Downing and the time change is okay with her, so the change was initiated with Conference Services.

Next steps

  1. K. Downing develops initial letter for electronic and telephone survey.
  2. Committee members to provide questions for telephone and/or electronic survey.
  3. Forward listing to the Communications Office.