Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Saturday, January 13, 2001
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m., Crowne Plaza Hotel, McPherson Square Room
Washington, DC

Attendees: Karen Brown, Estelle Black, Carol Doll, Susan Lucco, H. Lea Wells, Louise Sherby, Ling Hwey Jeng, Robert Newlen, Dorothy Ragsdale

Absent: Gary Shirk, John Sheridan, Marsha Spyros, Alice Calabrese, Judith Baker, Juliet Matchie

Guest: Karen Downing

The meeting opened with the amendment of 2000 Annual meeting in Chicago, IL. Added H. Lea Wells as attendee.

The minutes of the July 6, 2000 meeting was read and a correction was noted, H. Lea Wells was incorrectly listed as absent when she was present. Correction made.

  • Robert Newlen (chair) asked everyone present to introduce themselves and share the title of the book they were currently reading.
  • Asked members who were previously on committee to identify themselves:
    Carol Doll, Karen Brown, Susan Lucco, Karen Downing.

Review of agenda for November 11, 2001 meeting which was approved.

Robert Newlen advised attendance at meeting hosted by Nancy Kranich for committee chairs. During the meeting it was suggested to tap into best practices of running leadership programs. Mr. Newlen circulated a book as 1) Committee Effectiveness published by ASAE, 2) ACRL 1992-1999 Briefing Book and 3) AASL Committee Handbook.

Estelle Black expressed her concerns about the delay in the project and wanted to encourage the expedition of this project. Karen Brown advised needs assessments as a vital component of this project.

Dorothy Ragsdale advised that she beta tested the proposal on an electronic bulletin board for consultants, received four (4) proposals, none of which were acceptable. Ragsdale suggested more substance be added to the RFP to ensure consultants had an understanding of what is being requested of them. Additionally, an information packet was developed to distribute to interested individuals/firms.

Suggestions to expand the request for proposals were:

  • Define goals of the project.
  • Provide a background of ALA; provide a background of committee.
  • Needs assessment—may include focus groups, telephone interviews.
  • Identify best practices—within the organization and outside the association.
  • Identify and describe the skill sets essential to have an effective committee leadership.
  • Develop framework.

A task force was established to review proposals, who are:

Ling Hwey Jeng, Karen Downing, Robert Newlen, Juliet Matchie, Carol Doll, Susan Lucco, and Robert Newlen
Revised Timetable
Date Activity
01-22-2001 Need draft to RFP
01-23-2001 Committee reviews RFP
01-26-2001 Committee comments to DR
02-05-2001 Dorothy Ragsdale send RFP to selected individual via fedex
01-02-2001 Final draft to committee
03-02-2001 Deadline date-proposal
03-16-2001 Task Force committee to review subcommittee proposals in Chicago
03-19-2001 Dorothy Ragsdale-budget hearing scheduled
03-26-2001 Committee makes decision

Dorothy Ragsdale and Karen Downing will develop criteria checklist for proposals.

The special task force will meet in Chicago, March 16, 2001 to review proposals and develop a ranking of the proposals for review by the full committee. Based on the above referenced deadline, we should have a decision by March 26, 2001. This date will allow time for any budget adjustments for the future. Dorothy Ragsdale has budget hearing scheduled for March 19, 2001.

It was recommended that consultants submit their proposals electronically whenever possible; however, we recognize that may not be the case for all received proposals.

There was also discussion that the individual/firm who develops the framework may not necessarily be the same individual/firm who does the implementation.

The group began to edit the proposal for expansion and clarification.

The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

The next full committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2001 in San Francisco.