Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Friday, June 24, 2005
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
McCormick Convention Place — N129
Chicago, IL

Attendees: Donna Dziedzic (chair), Bella Karr Gerlich, Esther Grassian, Mary Lee Hastier, Laurel Minott, Jo Bell Whitlatch, Ann Marie Wilier

Absent: Veronica L.C. Stevenson-Moudamane, Nancy Pack, Martha Parsons, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Lorely Ambriz, Janelle Zauha

Guests: Larry Kroah, Friend of OTLD; Marcia Boosinger, Membership Committee; Holly Richards Sorensen, Chair, Intern Subcommittee; Kim Sanders, Membership Committee, Staff Liaison

1. Welcome and introductions were made.

2. Membership-intern discussion

Marcia Boosinger, Membership Committee Chair, Kim Sanders, staff liaison, and Holly Richards Sorensen, Intern Subcommittee Chair, wanted to discuss a manner in which the two committees could partner to provide additional orientation information for the interns.

The following suggestions were made:

A. The interns attend the orientation program with the committee chair. This would allow the interns to have orientation meetings at midwinter and annual conference. To develop another orientation program is not practical.
B. The committee agreed:

(1) To pursue a two (2) year pilot, inviting the interns along with their committee chairs to the orientation.
(2) To consider other cooperative activities.
(3) To suggest that the membership committee consider training and evaluate tools for the internship program such as:

(a) Tracking leadership path of interns
(b) Developing a clear list of expectations and responsibilities for both interns and their committee chairs.

3. The following are suggestions for additional orientation and/or leadership sponsored by the

- Develop leadership schedules on training.
- What would be most useful to interns.
- Develop orientation.
- How are interns received.

4. Things to do:

- Provide background of internship program.
- Develop a link for internship/guidance on OTLD webpage.
- Amend appointment letter.

5. Incoming Committee Chairs for Orientation

The following individuals attended the incoming committee chair meeting,

Meeting Attendees
Chairs OTLD Committee Members
Peggy Sullivan
Larry Romans
V. Tessa Perry
Eva Poole
Sherri Schmidt
Diane Fay
Mary Hastier
Ann Marie Wilier
Laurel Minott
Jo Bell Whitlatch
Donna Dziedzic
Dorothy Ragsdale (staff liaison)

The committee advised non-attendees would receive the handouts only, not the two books.

6. Guests: Keith Michael Fiels, Michael Gorman. The committee noted the importance of having the president elect and the Executive Director attend the orientation. Their presence supported the importance and value of the training session.

The committee agreed on the importance of ‘institutionalizing: the orientation session to this end. Dorothy Ragsdale assisted the OTLD executive board liaison, Kathleen Bethel, with a request to the executive board to this effect. The executive board accepted Kathleen Bethel’s recommendations. Dorothy Ragsdale will forward language to Lois Ann Gregory-Wood to include language on the appointment letter addressing other issues.

7. Online Communities

Information regarding online communities shared with committee. It was decided the committee would pilot the online communities, which would allow the committee to work between conferences. Three training dates are established. Dorothy Ragsdale will advise the committee.

8. Old Business

a. Committee Chair Handbook — complete the assignment: JoBell Whitlatch, Sue Jacobson
b. Website internal links — Katherine Mossman
Katherine Mossman will assume responsibilities to assemble links to all divisions/roundtables and other affiliates to expand website.

9. OTLD WebPage

Discussions regarding the content of the OTLD webpage, which would include the following in addition

10. New Business

a. Activities/assignments — see above.
b. Leslie Burger agreed to host the 2006 incoming committee chair orientation.
c. Intern orientation — pursue internship orientation committee assignments — Donna Dziedzic, Esther Grassian, and Dorothy Ragsdale.
d. Bring NMRT connection back to agenda at midwinter.