Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee (OTLD)

Friday, june 25, 2004, 9:3Oam-11:OOam
Orlando, Florida

Attendees: Bella Garr Gerlich, Laurel Minott, Nancy Pack, Martha Parsons, Larry Kroah, Juan Carlos Rodriquez, janelle Zauha, Kathleen Bethel, Maurice Wheeler (chair) and Dorothy Ragsdale (staff liais on).

Absent: Kevin Barron, Donna Dziedzic, Scott Goldy, Marilyn 1-linshaw, Irene Percelli, Susan Sterling.

Maurice Wheeler opened the meeting with the reading of the minutes; there were no changes. The attendees divided into work groups to discuss the following areas: 1) Upcoming incoming committee chair orientation, 2) discussing and review of the proposed committee chair handbook, and 3) links to leadership and orientation programs offered by the other committees, roundtables within the association.

Three subcommittees were established, which are:

  1. OTLD website committee
  2. Incoming committee chair training
  3. Committee chair handbook

Several of the individuals working on these subcommittees have rotated off so additional members arc needed on these committees. It was suggested the committee develop a "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) for the OTLD website.

Suggestions for the website:

  • Listing of training and orientation programs in ALA
  • Developing a FAQ
  • Committee chair handbook and its purpose
  • Role of the intern
  • How do you become an intern?

Committee Chair Orientation

The OTLD sponsored and hosted an Incoming Committee Chair Orientation program for individuals who will assume chairs of various committees during the administration of Carol-Brey Casiano. Invitations were sent to the 2005 class of committee chairs.

Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian facilitated the program. The following is a sampling of the topics covered during the orientation program: vision of a successful meeting, designing agendas, member's roles, ensuring follow-up, the chair's role, challenging meeting scenarios, types of meetings, handling main motions, points of order and appeals.

Incoming committee chair attendees were: Kathel Bethel, Marcia Boosinger, Julie Brewer, Alice Calabrese, Anders Dahlgren, Hector Eseobar, Jan Grimes, Norman Horrocks, Ling HweyJeng, Melora Ranney Norman, Vivian Wynn and Jermaine Posey, chair of CLENERT.

OTLD committee members in attendance were: Maurice Wheeler, Larry Kroah, Mary Alice \Viller, Bella Garr Gerlich, Laurel Minott, Nancy Pack, Juan Carlos Rodriquez, [anelle Zanuha and Dorothy Ragsdale (staff liaison).

Additional guests were: Cheryl Bernero (assistant to Carol Brey-Casiano), Lois Ann Gregory-Woods and Danielle Alderson.

Items for follow-up

  • Web Page Subcommittee work
  • Committee chair handbook
  • 2005 incoming committee chair orientation
  • NMRT partnership

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 14, 2005, 9:30am-12:00 noon for the 2005 committee meeting.