Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Saturday, June 21, 2003
3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m., Westin Castle Harbour Hotel,
West Wellington Room
Toronto, ON CANADA

Attendees: Karen Downing, Scott Goldy, Donna Dziedzic, Kathleen Bethel, Annie Marie Ford, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Dorothy Ragsdale

Guests: Maurice Wheeler, Janelle Zahua, Martha Persons, John D. Berry

Absent: Irene Percelli, Marilyn Hinshaw, Susan Sterling, Mary Moore, Kevin Barron, Laurel Minott, Larry Kroah

Introductions of current committee, incoming members and staff liaisons.

D. Ragsdale advised Irene Percelli unable to attend due to spouse’s illness. John D. Berry submitted his resignation from the committee.


  1. Review and revise if necessary orientation powerpoint presentation. – Donna Dziedzic
  2. Develop content of perspective leaders. – Janelle Zahua
  3. What is needed by roundtables? – Marsha Parsons
  4. What is needed by new members? – Donna Dziedzic
  5. Review of committee handbook. – Donna Dziedzic and Dorothy Ragsdale
  6. Review membership handbook. – Donna Dziedzic and Dorothy Ragsdale
  7. New Members - Parsons/Gerlich
  8. Orientation – PowerPoint presentation - Dorothy Ragsdale

Website Subcommittee - this is a new subgroup within OTLD to focus on the development of the OTLD website. The OTLD website would allow the following:

  1. Review current information on website.
  2. How do we ensure links are current.
  3. The goal of the OTLD committee website is an overview of the association and links to the specified divisions and officers in prior committee meetings. Links to other entities, (PLA, ACRL, new member roundtable, YALSA, ALSCA, etc.) The links would allow interested parties to secure detailed information in that area of interest. The absence of archiving on the new ALA website creates some difficulty as to the currency and accuracy of the information. The website subcommittee would focus on content for new members and new leadership within the association.

It was discussed that the PowerPoint orientation used by ALA staff could be used for the new members orientation.

Next meeting: San Diego, CA

Received letter of resignation from John D. Berry.