Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee

Minutes from Saturday, June 26, 1999
8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
New Orleans, LA

Attendees: Estelle Black, Karen Brown, Karen Downing, Carol DiPrete, Teresa Neely, Harriet Selverstone, Ed Erazo

Absent: Angela Yang, Jenifer Abramson, June Garcia, Jody Gehrig, Tom Leonhardt

Resigned: Elizabeth Curry

Minutes from the midwinter meeting was approved. Discussion focused on objectives for this annual meeting which were 1) definition of terms and 2) developing framework for RFP and 3) developing survey template for distribution to current and past (1 year) council and division committee chairs.

The priorities for survey are 1) leadership, 2) orientation and 3) training. Orientation would encompass programmatic content and training addresses: method of delivery, facilitator training and process. Committee members will receive a draft survey for review and comment.

A task force comprised of Estelle Black, Karen Brown, Karen Downing, and Dorothy Ragsdale met July 30, 1999 to develop a request for a proposal. The draft will be forwarded to committee members for review and comment.