Committee on Pay Equity


Established by Council on recommendation of the Special Presidential Committee on Pay Equity (1984-86) via the Committee on Organization in July, 1986. The wording in the charge was changed from "librarians" to "library workers" in July, 1987.


To consist of eleven (11) members with staggered two-year terms.



  1. promote and advocate pay equity as it affects library workers, both to the profession and to outside groups;

  2. act as a resource on the pay equity issue for the Association and its units;

  3. support ALA representation and active involvement of the ALA Committee on Pay Equity in the National Committee on Pay Equity; and

  4. maintain an active network and database of resources that is made available to state and local groups in support of pay equity issues.

List of Committee on Pay Equity Members  


Staff Liaison:
Lorelle R. Swader
American Library Association
Director, HRDR
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611