Committee on Education

Minutes of the meeting held during the ALA Annual Conference

June 28, 2004

Orlando, FL


Committee Members present:   L. Peterson, Chair; D. Dowell; Y. Du; A. Huggins; A.      Poffinberger; R. Rohlf; B. Gerlich

Committee Members not present:   R. Collins; B. Martin

Liaisons present:   C. Shepard; L. Smith; L. Slusar

Liason not present:   T. Weech

Guests:   L. Shiflett; K. O’Toole; L. Blevins; K. O’Brien; M. Wendt; L. Roy; S. Smith; R. Albritten; V. Royster

ALA Staff:   D. Davis; L. Swader


Chair L. Peterson called the meeting to order at 2PM.

Chair L. Peterson asked those present to make introductions, noting whether member, liaison, or guest.

Chair L. Peterson reviewed the agenda, which was adopted, and read the Committee charge.

Chair L. Peterson recognized the Committee on Accreditation members, K. O’Brien and M. Wendt.   Both indicated they were present to answer questions regarding accreditation, within the limits of confidentiality rules of the Committee on Accreditation.

Chair L. Peterson stated that Clark-Atlanta University situation was a topic at the Education Assembly and would be addressed later in this meeting.

L. Blevins and K. O’Toole brought greetings from the Government Printing Office.   They are interested in the training/education needs of depository libraries.   This area of GPO is newly created and addressed web-based training, conference planning, maintenance of Federal Depository Libraries website, consultation with Regional depositories, and possible certification program for depository librarians.

Chair L. Peterson distributed the handouts from Sunday’s Conference Program for which attendance was a high of 40 and a low of 12.   All who attended spoke well of the program topic and presenters.

K. O’Brien stated that the COA program in the afternoon garnered questions about some statements that were made at the COE program.   Chair L. Peterson replied there was a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding on the ALA accreditation standards.   L. Slusar indicated that not only were the standards misunderstood, but also the role of ALA/APA and certification.

Chair L. Peterson stated that the COE program was the type of action the COE should promulgate.   She felt it was a good profile for COE.

R. Rholf asked about a possible “education” track in the program.   Chair L. Peterson indicated that it was decided at the previous COE meeting that she should make such a suggestion to the 2006 Annual Conference Committee.

Chair L. Peterson noted there were 38 attendees at the Education Assembly held earlier in the day.   The focus of the meeting was the Clark-Atlanta University closing of the School of Library and Information Science and the Library School Closing Task Force report.

Chair L. Peterson recognized V. Royster, alumnus of Clark-Atlanta University.   V. Royster indicated that alumni passivity was a problem, but she promised to contact Clark-Atlanta Board members to present the correct information about the School of Library and Information Sciences.   L. Peterson called for those interested in helping to formulate the next step in addressing the Clark-Atlanta issue, to sign the sheet which was being passed around.

Chair L. Peterson and K. O’Brien addressed the accreditation procedures, in light of the statement made at the Education Assembly which indicated a belief that the COA had not done enough to make known the problems with the program at Clark-Atlanta University.   Both strongly stated that the COA procedures required confidentiality, but that in all cases each program is reviewed each year and when necessary letters of concern regarding proposed plans, budget, recruitment, etc. were sent to a program about which there were concerns.   The composition of the COA is a mix of practitioners, educators, and public members.   Chair L. Peterson, a former member of the COA, stated that the procedures are fair and equitable.

Chair L. Peterson called for a second review of the Executive Board Directives and referred members to a handout she had distributed.

  • COPE I: 5.4:   Memo draft statement was approved, with the addition of a statement requested by L. Swader --- The ALA Recruitment website should add an opportunity for members to indicate the need for or the desire to be a mentor.

  • COPE II: 2:   Inquiry as to the definition of “think tank” will be made by in-coming Chair.

  • COPE III: 4.11:   More discussion on this topic was followed by a decision to refer the matter to the HRDR Advisory Committee with the stipulation that once the document is complete, the COE will be asked to present ideas on publicizing the document.   D. Dowell suggested that the Chair send a memo to the Executive Board indicating the decision of the COE.

  • A. Poffinberger asked about any other directives and L. Peterson indicated that all had been addressed.


Chair L. Peterson called for agenda item:   Foreign Credential Update.

L. Swarder gave information on the history of credentialing and referred to the ALA Policy 54.2.   She indicated that questions regarding credentialing often make the rounds of COA, COE, International Relations and HRDR.   Essentially, the final decision as to the acceptance of foreign credentials is up to the individual employer.  

Chair L. Peterson called for discussion of a COE sponsored program at the ALISE 2005 Conference in Boston.   She suggested that perhaps an open discussion session on foreign credentialing would be appropriate.  

L. Smith stated she is a member of the ALISE Conference Planning Committee and would gladly serve as a liaison for the scheduling of a program.

Y. Du volunteered to write a program proposal for the mid-September deadline.

L. Swader suggested that the ALISE program be scheduled for Thursday, so as to not conflict with Recruitment Forum on Friday.

L. Swader stated the Core Values draft statement from the Task Force will be presented to Council in Orlando.

Chair L. Peterson distributed a handout calling for training of COE Committee members.   She volunteered to prepare web-training documents consisting of video clips, text, and FAQs.   She will work with L. Swader in this project.  

L. Swader indicated that in-coming ALA President Carol Brey is very supportive of the training of Committee Chairs.   HRDR does send information to in-coming members, usually the minutes/actions of the previous year.

Chair L. Peterson acknowledged the service of Committee members who have reached the end of their term of service:   D. Dowell; B. Martin; B. Ku; C. Shepard; L. Smith; T. Weech.   She noted that B. Gerlich is ending her service as an Intern, but will return as a full Committee member.

Final discussion resulted in the approval for the scheduling of Committee meetings on Saturday / Monday, with the Education Assembly on Monday, at the Mid-Winter 2005 Conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 4PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Annelle R. Huggins
Committee member