Committee on Education

Minutes of the meeting held During the ALA Annual Conference

June 26, 2004

Orlando, FL


Committee Members Present:   L. Peterson, Chair; R. Collins; D. Dowell; Y. Du; A. Huggins; A. Poffinberger; R. Rohlf; B. Gerlich

Committee Members Absent:   B. Martin; B. Ku

Liaisons Present:   C. Shepard; L. Smith

Liaisons Absent:   L. Slusar; T. Weech

Guests:   T. Abbott; I. Abdullahi; C. Kern; W. Koehler;   L. Roy;   A. Wertheimer; L. Robbins

ALA Staff:   D. Davis; J. Grady


Chair L. Peterson called the meeting to order at 2:02PM.   She requested that those present introduce themselves, indicating whether member, liaison, or guest.   She thanked ALA staff for mailing Committee information to all members.

Chair L. Peterson called for changes to the agenda.   There being none, the agenda was accepted.

Chair L. Peterson read the charge to the Committee on Education.

Chair L. Peterson called for approval of the minutes of the January 2004 meetings.   There being no corrections, the minutes were approved as presented.

Chair L. Peterson reminded the attendees of that the program session sponsored by the Committee on Education was scheduled for Sunday, June 27, 2004, 8:30AM.

Chair L. Peterson reminded the attendees that the Education Assembly was to be held on Monday, June 28, 2004, 11:30AM – 12:30PM, in Room 311D of the Convention Center.

This is a time when liaisons and attendees may bring issues and express views to the COE members.   Included in the session will be information on Clark-Atlanta University’s closing of the School of Library and Information Sciences; a report from the Library School Closing Task Force; Library Technical Assistant Programs Critieria.

Chair L. Peterson called upon guests to update the Committee on the closing of the School of Library and Information Sciences at Clark-Atlanta University:

  • I. Abdullahi:

    • Thanked Committee for its support, especially the resolution presented to ALA Council and the request for the establishment of a Task Force on Library School Closings.

    • Recognized W. Koehler, Director of the Library Science program at Valdosta State University.

  • W. Koehler:

    • Stated that Valdosta program is in the process of being accredited.

    • Stated Valdosta officials met with Provost of Clark Atlanta to discuss collaboration to maintain the program at Valdosta State University.

      • Clark Atlanta Provost rejected the proposal for collaboration.

    • Valdosta State University stands ready to absorb Clark-Atlanta professors and students, with, perhaps, the opening of a satellite campus in the Atlanta area.

  • I. Abdullahi:

    • Faculty at Clark-Atlanta have distributed to the Board of Trustees at Clark-Atlanta, correct information regarding the program and requesting a review of the decision to close.

      • Information provided to the Board of Trustees by the Clark-Atlanta administration contained errors.

    • The Board will meet again on July 15, 2004.   This will be the last time that the decision could be rescinded.

    • If the decision to close remains, there will be a “town meeting” for all interested parties, to devise plans to meet with Georgia legislators to urge that the $500,000, currently allocated annually to Clark-Atlanta University for support of the School of Library and Information Studies to insure a program for minority students, be transferred to Valdosta State University to support a similar program aimed at attracting minorities to the field of library and information science.


Chair L. Peterson suggested that the Committee develop a strategy for the July 15 th meeting.   She announced that Dr. E. J. Jossey would attend the Education Assembly to discuss the situation at Clark-Atlanta University.

W. Koehler stated that all interested parties must grab the attention of the Board of Trustees prior to the July 15 th meeting.   I. Abdullahi indicated that alumni of the school needs to address the Board of Trustees.

C. Shepard asked the status of the other areas of Clark-Atlanta University that were being closed.    I. Abdullahi indicated that International Studies was doing nothing.    He stated that Engineering was in a stronger position and had hired a lawyer.

Chair L. Peterson announced that she and C. Shepard were appointed to the Library School Closing Task Force (chaired by L. Jeng).   The Task Force will meet on Monday, June 28 th, and L. Patterson and C. Shepard will report on that meeting at Monday’s COE meeting.

Poffinberger mentioned that LTA programs were also closing across the country. L. Ray suggested perhaps a new resolution would be in order.   No action was taken on this.

Chair L. Peterson announced that she will present the LTA Criteria Document to Council II on Monday, June 29, 2004.   L. Swader stated she had distributed the document to other appropriate areas of ALA for review prior to Annual Conference.  

J. Grady announced that the first program for certification by the ALA/APA will be the CPLA.   It is hoped that this will receive approval in late 2004.


Chair L. Peterson called for review of the Executive Board Directives:

  • COPE I: 5.4:   According to January minutes of COE this should have been removed with a memo sent by COE Chair to Executive Board stating that this is not a COE responsibility.   L. Roy (in-coming Chair) will send the memo to the Executive Board for its Fall meeting.  

  • COPE II: 2:   Much discussion ensued as to the mounting of a “think tank,” including the possibility of using an ALISE program site, but some members felt the scope of the “think tank” was broader than just ALISE membership.   The final decision was to return charge to CORS asking for a definition of “thank tank.” L. Swader will work with in-coming Chair of COE to obtain further information from CORS.

  • COPE III: 3.2.1:   Briefly discussed schedule for future updating of document to be presented to Council II.   Decided to place on the COE agenda at each Mid-Winter for review consideration.

  • COPE III: 3.3.1:   As decided at Mid-Winter, San Diego, A. Poffinberger is gathering information on competencies for entry-level generalist library support staff.   B. Gerlich volunteered to join A. Poffinberger in preparing a report for Mid-Winter, Boston.

    • A brief discussion concerned the importance of education to various groups within ALA and the resulting conflicting meetings.   Chair L. Peterson indicated that she would request an “education” track for Annual Conference 2006.

  • COPE III: 4.1.1:   At Mid-Winter, San Diego, COE decided that this was beyond the scope of COE.   Members support the development of a website with links to available programs at all levels or a statement of strategies to help the user find information on educational opportunities in library and information science.   Chair L. Peterson accepted responsibility for compiling information on distance education programs for possible placement on the ALA website.


The meeting was adjourned at 4PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Annelle R. Huggins, COE Member