National Dialogue on the Curriculum of Readiness for the 21st Century Librarian

ALA Annual Conference - Chicago, Illinois - Tuesday June 28, 2005

Co-sponsored by the American Library Association Office for Diversity and the Association for Library Information Science Education. Supported in part by grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Summit Opening

Jose Aponte, San Diego County Library
Clara Chu, UCLA Department of Information Studies
Carol Brey-Casiano, 2004-2005 ALA President
Mary Chute
Louise Robbins
, ALISE/University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tracie Hall
, ALA Office for Diversity

Summit Opening Audio (25:02 - mp3) | Transcript

Plenary Session I: Preparing Leaders for 21 st Century Library and Information Service

Moderator: Rhea Brown Lawson, Deputy Director, Detroit Public Library

Introduction Audio (3:42 - mp3) | Transcript

General Statement of Issues by:

Mark Winston (LIS Education), Associate Professor, Rutgers University SCILS

Audio (9:56 - mp3) | Transcript

Gregory L. Reese (Public Libraries), Director, East Cleveland Public Library

Audio (8:23 - mp3) | Transcript

Camila Alire (Academic Libraries), Dean, University New Mexico Libraries

Audio (incomplete) (11:29 - mp3) | Transcript | Handout (pdf)

Claudette McLinn (School Media Centers), Supervisor, Library Services, Nonpublic Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District

Audio (incomplete) (9:28 - mp3) | Transcript

Carla Funk (Medical/ Special Libraries), Executive Director, Medical Library Association

Audio (12:54 - mp3) | Transcript

Plenary Session II: Diversity and Equity in LIS Recruitment, Education, and Readiness

Moderator: W. Michael Havener, Director, University of Rhode Island SLIS

Introduction Audio (3:48 - mp3) | Transcript

Maurice Wheeler, Associate Professor, University of North Texas SLIS

Audio (10:55 - mp3) | Transcript

Betty Turock, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University SCILS

Audio (16:16 - mp3) | Transcript | Handout (ppt)

Ravindra N. Sharma, Director, West Virginia State University Library

Audio (13:15 - mp3) | Transcript | Handout (pdf)

Reinette Jones, Interdisciplinary Information Literacy & Diversity Activities Librarian, University of Kentucky

Audio (7:08 - mp3) | Transcript

Ramiro Salazar, Director, San Antonio Public Library

Audio (9:25 - mp3) | Transcript

Plenary Session III: Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About It: New and Veteran Librarians on Connecting LIS Pedagogy and Readiness to Social Justice and Societal Change

Moderator: Bharat Mehra, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville SIS

Kawanna Bright, Minority Resident Librarian, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Introduction/ Bright Audio (7:32 - mp3) | Transcript

Cheryl Aboudola, Director, Essex and Union Public Libraries and former PRISM Scholar

Audio (13:24 - mp3) | Transcript

Steve Adams, Biology & Life Sciences Librarian, Princeton, University and past participant, Minnesota Institute for Early-Career Librarians

Audio (10:50 - mp3) | Transcript

Antonia Olivas, Librarian, Auburn University Library and former Spectrum Scholar

Audio (12:49 - mp3) | Transcript

Clara Chu, Associate Professor, UCLA GSEIS

Audio (11:50 - mp3) | Transcript | Handout (ppt)