jmalinowski 2009

Jon Malinowski, President

The Combined Book Exhibit began in 1933 as the original Book Mobile, providing a venue for librarians to find new books and make wise decisions with their limited funds during the Great Depression. Now in our 77th year, The Combined Book Exhibit has a rich history as a staple at over 25 shows each year, where librarians and educators can relax while searching through the vast CBE collection of small, medium and large presses. With their sister company, The American Collective Stand, The Combined Book Exhibit is not only a venue for librarians to see new books, but a venue for publishers to display their books worldwide.

With 77 years of showcasing quality publications behind us, we are honored to give even more back to the library community by being a Library Champion. We look forward to serving the library community even more effectively, as the premier connection between publishers and librarians.

Founded: 1933