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“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”―Walter Cronkite

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Below are links to websites, blogs, pages on Facebook, etc., dedicated to advocating for libraries or saving libraries in a state. In addition are links to the library advocacy resources provided by the American Library Association (ALA) and how you can help advocate for libraries!

ALA Chapters have created—or helped create—websites dedicated to saving the libraries in their states.

Each ALA Chapter has a website that includes how to advocate and take action for libraries. See also CRO's Advocacy Resources for Chapters page, the pages of the Office for Library Advocacy, and immediately below to find related links that include tips on how to spread the word to save your libraries!

Libraries Transform. Designed to increase public awareness of the value, impact and services provided by libraries and library professionals, the Libraries Transform campaign will ensure there is one clear, energetic voice for our profession. Showcasing the transformative nature of today’s libraries and elevating the critical role libraries play in the digital age. See also the Libraries Transform Toolkit, specifically the State Chapters Toolkit, free Libraries Transform public awareness tools specifically for ALA state chapters in order to facilitate library advocates’ vital work at the state level.

Visit also the ALA Legislative Action Center, How to Contact Your Representatives (i.e., Engage and Capwiz, advocacy software ALA provides to Chapters) and Chapter Advocacy Exchange (free webinars presented by the ALA Chapter Relations Office and the ALA Office for Library Advocacy).

To help United States Libraries after natural and other disasters, see Helping United States Libraries After Disasters. To help international libraries, please contact the American Library Association International Relations Office at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3201.

State and Local Resources
The ALA Chapter Relations Office (CRO) supports ALA’s advocacy efforts by tracking federal, state, and local legislation and other issues affecting libraries, and by working with the Office for Library Advocacy, the Communications and Marketing Office, the ALA Washington Office, I Love Libraries, other ALA units, and other groups.

Take Action for Libraries
Links to where you can take action for the libraries in your state, as well as to take action on federal legislation affecting libraries, and more.

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State and Regional Chapters    

Links to each ALA Chapter can be found on the ALA Chapters Directory. Visit your state's website for information on libraries in your state and legislation affecting them. (See also Library Advocacy below.)

Library Advocacy

How Can ALA Help?    

The Chapter Relations Office

The Chapter Relations Office supports ALA's library advocacy efforts by tracking state and federal legislation affecting libraries and by working with the Office for Library Advocacy, the ALA Washington Office, I Love Libraries, other ALA units, and other groups. For links to resources and other information—including where to take action—see CRO's Advocacy Resources for Chapters page (which links to Take Action for Libraries). Follow CRO on Twitter at @ALA_CRO.

Office for Library Advocacy

ALA has an office dedicated to library advocacy: Office for Library Advocacy. OLA supports the efforts of advocates seeking to improve libraries of all types by developing resources, a peer-to-peer advocacy network, and training for advocates at the local, state and national level. In order to achieve this goal, OLA works closely with the Communications and Marketing Office, the Chapter Relations Office, the Office for Government Relations, and other ALA units involved in advocacy on behalf of particular types of libraries or particular issues, in order to help better integrate these efforts into the overall advocacy planning and strategies of the association. OLA also works to cultivate future leadership in order to sustain the advocacy efforts of the association.

OLA provides several resources, including Advocacy University and Add it Up: Libraries Make the Difference in Youth Development and Education.

I Love Libraries a Heart with inside is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA), designed to keep America informed about what’s happening in today’s libraries. promotes the value of libraries and librarians, explains key issues affecting libraries, and urges readers to support and take action for their libraries.

Want to share with the world? Become a fan of I love Libraries on Facebook. Follow I Love Libraries on Twitter.

How Can I Help?

If you would like to find out what the American Library Association is doing to save your libraries, what ALA can do to help your libraries, or if you would like ALA to help save your libraries, please let us know. Contact the ALA Office for Library Advocacy or the ALA Chapter Relations Office.

Follow CRO on Twitter at @ALA_CRO. Find and send tweets on saving libraries with #saveSTATElibraries; for example, #saveconnecticutlibraries, #savemichiganlibraries, #saveohiolibraries. Also include #savelibraries in the message. If you send out tweets to save the libraries in your state, please send a note to Maybe ALA can help.

Be sure to visit I Love Libraries, the American Library Association's (ALA's) website for the public, designed to keep America informed about what's happening in today's libraries. And I Love Libraries on Facebook. In addition, sign up to receive the I Love Libraries newsletter. Twitter

Visit the ALA Advocacy, Legislation and Issues website.

Save Our Libraries

If you think a link should be provided here (e.g., you have a campaign to save a library) , please suggest it to Don Wood at

Helping U.S. Libraries (ALA)

I Love, a Web site designed for the people who use and love libraries (ALA)

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