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The American Library Association has affiliate relationships—a longtime partnership—with state library associations (Chapters) in all fifty States, the District of Columbia,Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and regional library associations in the Mountain Plains, New England, Pacific Northwest, and Southeastern regions. Chapters promote general library service and librarianship within its geographic area, provide geographic representation to the Council of the American Library Association, and cooperate in the promotion of general and joint enterprises with the American Library Association and other library groups. See also CRO Answers, Chapter Councilor Answers, and Student Chapter Answers, or find them all at Find Your Answers.

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The Chapter Relations Office

The Chapter Relations Office (CRO) promotes a sense of identification between the national Association and the 57 ALA Chapters; facilitates communication between the Chapters and all ALA units; coordinates leadership development for Chapter officers, Chapter Councilors, chief paid staff members, and other Chapter leaders; strengthens membership promotion activities for ALA and the Chapters; coordinates the ALA Student Chapters and the ALA Students to Staff programs; and helps raise awareness of and sensitivity to Chapter needs throughout the ALA.

Let the Chapter Relations Office help you. Its website can guide you to information you need to help you lead your association and work with ALA for the enrichment of both associations!

Michael Dowling, Director
Chapter Relations Office, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3200

Activities Related to the ALA and Chapters Partnership

ALA and Chapters Partnership
The ALA and Chapters Partnership explains how the ALA and ALA Chapters partnership works.

Chapter Leaders Forum
Forum held at ALA Midwinter and Annual Conference provides a full agenda on a variety of topics to help prepare Chapter leaders to lead their association.

Contact Congress
Take action on federal issues for libraries (Washington Office Take Action page) and learn more about policy and advocacy issues by state.

Helping United States Libraries After Disasters
If you think the ALA can help libraries affected by natural disasters in any way toward recovery, please contact the CRO.

Joint Student Membership Program
Forty-four Chapters partner with ALA to allow students to join ALA and one Chapter for one membership fee.

Money Smart Week
CRO encourages libraries nationwide to offer financial literacy programming to help patrons better manage personal finances.

State of the Chapter Annual Report
Each year Chapters complete an online survey to provide an overview of their past year's activities.

ALA Constitution and Bylaws: On Chapters
Chapters in the ALA Constitution and Bylaws.

ALA Policies: Chapters
ALA policies related to Chapters.

ALA Candidates by State
All candidates running for an ALA leadership position, listed by state affiliation.

Chapter Leaders

ALA Chapter Councilors
Provides resources for ALA Chapter Councilors to help them accomplish their duties.

ALA Chapter Relations Committee
Mission, roster, and more.

Chapter Presidents and Presidents-Elect: Select Information
Information to help Chapter Presidents and Presidents-elect.

State and Regional Chapters Directory
Contact information for Chapter leaders, including presidents, presidents-elect, councilors, and executive directors, and more.

Student Chapter Directory
Contact information for Student Chapter leaders, including presidents, faculty advisors, and directors, and more.

Student-to-Staff Program
Students from 40 Student Chapters work with ALA staff during Annual Conference. In exchange for their working four hours a day for a total of 16 hours, these students receive free conference registration, housing, and a per diem for meal expenses. During free time, they may attend programs and participate in other conference activities.

Resources for Chapters

Advocacy Resources for Chapters
CRO supports ALA's and Chapter's library advocacy efforts by working with other ALA units and other groups.

Advocacy University
Advocacy University is a comprehensive clearinghouse of advocacy tools and resources for all types of libraries from the American Library Association.

Affiliate and Chapter Planning Calendar
Includes ALA Chapter, ALA Affiliates, and Division conferences, institutes, workshops, religious holidays, and more.

ALA and Chapters Partnership
The ALA and Chapters Partnership explains how the ALA and ALA Chapters partnership works.

ALA Connect
A useful resource to share ideas and information across Chapters.

ALA Legislative Action Center
The ALA Washington Office advocates at the federal level for legislation that preserves and promotes fundamental library values. Contact your representatives about federal legislation and more. If you are not a member of ALA or an ALA Chapter and would like to advocate for libraries, sign up for our Take Action e-mailing list.

ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference
Select ALA MW and AC schedules for Chapters.

ALA Strategic Directions
ALA Mission; Core Organizational Values; Key Action Areas; and Strategic Directions: Advocacy, Information Policy, Professional and Leadership Development, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Chapter Advocacy Exchange
Free webinars presented by the ALA Chapter Relations Office and the ALA Office for Library Advocacy.

Chapter Conferences (ALA Connect)
Shared information about and resources to help in planning and accomplishing Chapter Conferences.

Chapter Councilor Answers
Information and resources for and about ALA Chapter Councilors.

Chapter Issues
Chapters share with each other how they address common issues.

CRO Answers
Information and resources related to the Chapter Relations Office.

Engage, advocacy software ALA provides to Chapters
Each ALA Chapter has a website that includes how to advocate and take action for libraries.

Fund Libraries
Contact your members of Congress today and urge them to protect library funding. Let them know how important these centers of literacy, access, lifelong education and learning are to your community.

Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award
Award consists of a citation and $1,000 and recognizes an intellectual freedom focused organization (e.g., ALA Chapter) that has developed a strong multi-year, ongoing program or a single, one-year project that exemplifies support for intellectual freedom, patron confidentiality, and anti-censorship efforts.

Libraries Respond
The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services has created Libraries Respond as a space for us to help keep current events in conversation with libraries' ongoing work in and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. This page will be a resource for the library community to share information, find resources, and connect as they serve their communities.

Overview of ALA Select Resources for Chapters
Links to ALA units and topics, such as key action areas.

Save Libraries in Your State
Links to websites, blogs, pages on Facebook, etc., dedicated to advocating for libraries or saving libraries in a state, and more.

Social Networking, Membership Blogs, ALA Connect, and ALA Electronic Discussion Lists
Links for following CRO on Facebook and Twitter, subscribing to ALA e-lists, ALA Connect, and ALA member and ALA student member blogs.

Student Chapter Answers
Information and resources for and about ALA Student Chapters.

Take Action for Libraries
Links to where you can take action for the libraries in your state, as well as to take action on federal legislation affecting libraries, and more.

Free webinars on advocacy, Chapter leaders orientation, Money Smart Week, and more.

How to Contact ALA

About ALA
Includes staff contact information, core values, ALA governance resources.

ALA Member and Customer Services
MACS is committed to providing the highest and most efficient service to ALA members and customers.

ALA Membership Development
Works to make the process of joining or renewing an ALA membership a simple experience.

Social Networking

Facebook logo Twitter logo Find your ALA committees, round tables, other groups; start new communities. Take action for America's libraries. Partial Map of United States and links to Chapter contacts A book button linking to the ALA Student Chapters Directory Calendar image links to calendar of Chapters at Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference Image depicting E-mail links to SYMPA so you can subscribe to e-lists of ALA

Find more social networking resources for Chapters.

Chapter Issues and More

See also Chapter Issues to see how Chapters share with each other how they address their common issues, and State of the Chapter Annual Report, which are snapshot reports compiled to help Chapters and ALA assess the health and vitality of state and regional library associations. In addition, they highlight notable activities and achievements that can be modeled, and identify challenges and needs that may be addressed collectively.

See also Chapter Advocacy Exchange (free webinars presented by the ALA Chapter Relations Office and the ALA Office for Library Advocacy).

Chapter Conferences (ALA Connect)
Shared information about and resources to help in planning and accomplishing Chapter Conferences.

Media Concentration
"With growing concentration of media ownership, independent voices decrease and locally produced and locally relevant information, news, and cultural resources diminish. Libraries cannot ensure “the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources,” unless they counter the detrimental impact of media consolidation on the diversity of ideas and localism in their communities. When media consolidation restricts the creation and dissemination of multiple perspectives, the public no longer has a healthy, open exchange of information and ideas. In an era when democratic discourse is more essential than ever, the information system is out of balance. Libraries must provide forums—both physical and virtual—that create opportunities for individuals to engage in the open and balanced exchange of viewpoints and ideas."—Fostering Media Diversity in Libraries: Strategies and Actions (PDF).

Protocol for Monitoring and Responding to State and Local Library Crises. The American Library Association (ALA) has adopted a protocol to respond to library crises at the state and local level. The goal of ALA's involvement is to advance the advocacy efforts of the library and/or the appropriate state-level library organization. ALA can only become involved when its efforts are welcomed by and coordinated with the library and/or the state-level library organization.

Great Ways to Get Involved in ALA

Great Ways to Get Involved in ALA

ALA is an incredibly rich and varied organization and offers something for everyone, whether you want to get involved with colleagues who work in the same kind of library, expand your horizons by attending conferences or continuing education events, network with members who share your interests, find a forum to discuss key issues, work on specific projects, or support libraries and librarians.

ALA Chapters Contacts

Michael Dowling, Director
Chapter Relations Office, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3200