Selected articles from previous issues of Prism: the newsletter from the Office for Accreditation

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Spotlight on Process and Policy

Formation of External Review Panels (Spring 2010)
ALA accreditation: Not a rubber stamp! (Fall 2010)
The Committee on Accreditation: What goes on behind those closed doors? (Spring 2011)
Accreditation Statuses (Fall 2011)
What’s new and different in the 3rd edition of Accreditation Process, Policies and Procedures (AP3) manual? (Spring 2012)
External Review Panel role and responsibilities (Fall 2012)
Program Presentation: Purpose and Process (Spring 2013)
Responding to inquiries about accreditation and ALA-accredited programs (Fall 2013)
Evaluation in the comprehensive review process (Spring 2014)
How the Committee on Accreditation communicates with programs in the ALA accreditation process (Fall 2014)
Meeting with the Committee on Accreditation to close the comprehensive review (Spring 2015)
Transitioning to the 2015 Standards for Accreditation (Fall 2015)

Selected articles

The Bigger Picture, by Richard Rubin (from Prism, Fall 2008, V15 N2)
The Role of Mission, Goals and Objectives for Program Reviewers, Richard Rubin (from Prism, Fall 2006, V14 N2)
Library and Information Studies Education: Diversity/Equity, Jane B. Robbins (from Prism, Summer 2000, V8 N2)
First-Timer's View, Melody M. Hainsworth (from Prism, Winter 2000, V8 N1)
COA Pioneers Non-Visit Accreditation Process, Brooke E. Sheldon (from Prism, Spring 1999, V7 N2)
LIS Accreditation in Canada, Karen Adams (from Prism, Fall 1997, V5 N3)
Coordinating Program Reviews, by Jane B. Robbins (from Prism, Spring 1996, V4 N2)
Planning to Plan, by Prudence W. Dalrymple (from Prism, Fall 1995, V3 N4)
A Culture of Evidence, by Prudence W. Dalrymple (from Prism, Spring 1995, V3 N2)