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ALA is dedicated to preserving an open internet and network neutrality, modernizing the FCC's Lifeline program, and ensuring that all libraries...

No-fee public access to government information is the foundation of an informed citizenry.

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ALA works alongside bipartisan coalitions of public interest groups, think tanks, and private sector companies to uphold the Constitutional...

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The Washington Office works to increase or maintain current levels of federal funding for a wide range of vital programs and services provided to...


The American Library Association's Washington Office was established in 1945 to represent libraries on Capitol Hill.


The ALA Washington Office is charged with following and influencing legislation, policy and regulatory issues of importance to the library field and its public. The Washington Office works to ensure that libraries are consistently involved in the legislative and policy decision-making processes by:

  • Informing government of the needs and concerns of the library community;
  • Providing library supporters with up-to-date information on government actions or proposals;
  • Building coalitions with Washington-based representatives of other groups with similar concerns; and
  • Developing grassroots networks to lobby legislators and further library interests.

At the direction of the ALA Committee on Legislation, the Washington Office covers a broad range of issues including, but not limited to: appropriations, copyright, library programs, government information, privacy, and telecommunications. The Washington Office also works to advance ALA's public policy activities by helping secure information technology policies that support and encourage efforts of libraries to ensure access to electronic information resources as a means of upholding the public’s right to a free and open information society. It works to ensure a library voice in information policy debates and to promote full and equitable intellectual participation by the public.

Finally, the Washington Office also builds coalitions and partnerships with Washington-based representatives of other groups with interests similar to the library community.



Kathi Kromer - Associate Executive Director
Email: kkromer@alawash.org

Public Policy Team

Alan S. Inouye - Director

Larra Clark - Deputy Director
Email: lclark@alawash.org 

Marijke Visser - Associate Director
Email: mvisser@alawash.org 

Carrie Russell - Director, Program on Public Access to Information
Email: crussell@alawash.org


Kevin Maher - Deputy Director
Email: kmaher@alawash.org

Gavin Baker - Assistant Director
Email: gbaker@alawash.org

Emily Wagner - Assistant Director
Email: ewagner@alawash.org

Lisa Lindle - Manager, Grassroots and Advocacy Outreach
Email: llindle@alawash.org

Communications & Media

Shawnda Hines - Press Officer
Email: shines@alawash.org



1615 New Hampshire Ave NW
1st Floor
Washington DC 20009-2520
Phone: 202-628-8410
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-941-8478


Pat May - Director, Administration
Email: pmay@alawash.org

Rosalind Bradley - Assistant Director, Administration
Email: rbradley@alawash.org

Alisha Dixon - Administrative   Assistant
Email: adixon@alawash.org