Strategic Planning Update



April 15, 2005

Keith Michael Fiels
Executive Director

Ahead to 2010 Strategic Plan

At the 2005 Midwinter Conference, ALA committees , division boards and round tables were encouraged to review the draft ALA Ahead to 2010 strategic plan. Following the conference, individual members were also encouraged to review the draft plan and submit their comments using an online survey form.  By the end of this comment period in late March, nearly 70 committees, division boards and round tables had submitted comments on the draft plan, and nearly 2,900 individual members.

All of these comments and suggestions have been analyzed, and numerous changes and improvements to the plan have been incorporated into the latest draft, which will be reviewed by the Executive Board at its Spring Meeting. Following this final review, the plan will then be submitted to the membership and Council for adoption.

The draft plan calls for increased efforts in current areas of association activity such as intellectual freedom and protecting the rights of library users, diversity, equity of access and promoting public policies which protect and increase access to information. At the same time, the plan calls for new initiatives in the area of advocacy, with an emphasis on increased research to document and promote the value of libraries and librarians, support for local advocacy to reverse the current threats to libraries across the country, and activities designed to increase funding for libraries of all types. The plan places a continued emphasis on continuing education and the use of technology to broaden member involvement in the association, while creating a new emphasis on service to association members. 

To see a copy of the latest draft of the Ahead to 2010 plan, see


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