Ideas for ALA Programs at Chapter Conferences

Below are ideas for ALA programs at Chapter conferences. If you have additional suggestions, please send to Don Wood.

  • Hold an ALA Update Session (which may include the ALA Executive Director and/or President if they are attending the conference)
  • Try to get ALA President or ALA Executive Director to speak at state conference (state chapter generally pays for hotel and local expenses, while ALA pays for travel)
  • Conduct a panel with local ALA Members (veteran through new), discuss membership and other issues
  • Try to get someone from the ALA Washington Office to speak on “Hot Issues”
  • Plan a “What does ALA Council do?” program—role of council and news on pending issues
  • Memberships in associations drop in session
  • Member of the ALA Leadership to participate in a “Wake-up with ALA Coffee.” Present current ALA initiatives, discuss ALA/Chapter relations and conduct a question-and-answer period.
  • Frontline Advocacy
  • Drop-session regarding an ALA topic (can be hot topics, a particular issue or survey, etc.)
  • Contact Public Awareness Office for materials on latest campaign (e.g., Libraries Transform)
  • Contact Office for Library Advocacy for advocacy materials