Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications

2011 " Is the Association Ripe for Rebellion?" American Libraries, 42 (January/February), 84-85.
2009 “School Libraries and the Education Ecosystem.” Change, March/April, pp. 28-29.
2007 “The Reference Question--Where Has Refrence Been? Where Is Reference Going?” The Reference Librarian, 48 (2): 15-20.
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2003 “Technology, Cluelessness, Anthropology, and the Memex: The Future of Academic Reference.” Reference Services Review, 31 (1): 17-21.
Stakeholders and Strategies in Information Fluency.Transformations: Liberal Arts in the Digital Age, 1 (March 2003); coauthored with Susan K. Hagen
2002 “Old Borders, New Borders, Bridges, and New Relationships.” College and Research Libraries News, 63 (December 2002): 790-93.
1999 “Beyond ‘Beyond Cool.’” Online 23 (July/August 1999): 51-55. Co-authored with Cheryl LaGuardia.
“The Omnipaedia Is Here, But Where Is It?” Reference Librarian, no. 66 (1999): 91-109.
1998 “Users and Bibliographic Resources: Blind Dating by OPAC.” In Finding Common Ground: Creating the Library of the Future Without Diminishing the Library of the Past, edited by Cheryl LaGuardia and Barbara A. Mitchell, 168-81. New York: Neal-Schuman, 1998.
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1984 “The Reference Librarian as ‘the most unpoetical of all God’s creatures.’” [editorial] Reference Services Review, 12 (Summer 1984): 9.
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1979 “A Theoretical Model and Definition of the Reference Process.” RQ 18 (Fall 1978): 19-29.
Selected Presentations
2007 Organized and moderated panel "The Reference Question—Where has Reference Been? Where is Reference Going?” ACRL National Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, March 2007
2005 Panelist in “What Makes a Reference Book a Classic?” program. American Library Association conference, Chicago, Illinois, June 2005
2003 “e-Books—What have We Learned? Where are we Going?” with Janis Bandelin and Leland Park. ACRL National Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2003
Panelist in “Reference Services: Virtual, Digital, & In-Library—a New Model for Effective Delivery.” College of DuPage tele-video conference, February 7, 2003
2002 “Faculty in Information Fluency: Neglected Stakeholders?” with Susan K. Hagan. Annual EDUCAUSE Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, October 2002
“Can This Marriage Be Saved?—OPACs and E-Books.” Computers in Libraries Conference, Washington, DC, March 2002
“Information Fluency—A New Idea? Or Same Old, Same Old?” Associated Colleges of the South Information Fluency Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia, February 2002
2001 “It’s 2011; Do You Know Where Your Information Is?” with Ellen Waite-Franzen. Annual EDUCAUSE Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 2001
“Consortial Collaboration: netLibrary and the Associated Colleges of the South,” with Janis Bandelin and Billy Pennington. ACRL National Conference, Denver. Colorado
2000 “E-books and Libraries: Thoughts on Our Future.” Concluding address, Virginia Library Association regional workshop, Rosslyn, VA, September 2000
1999 “Freeing the Reviewer Within.” Keynote address, ALA/RUSA/CODES reviewing preconference, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1999
1998 Panelist representing libraries in a publisher-scholar-librarian panel on “The Delivery of Reference Material in Electronic Form.” Part of “A Celebration of Literary Biography,” Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina, November 1998
“Beyond ‘Beyond Cool.’” Online World Conference, Washington, DC, October 1998. Co-presented with Cheryl LaGuardia
“Encyclopedias and the Cult of Entertainment.” Reference Books Bulletin Editorial Board program, American Library Association conference, Washington, DC, June 1998. Keynote presentation in a panel of presentations under the rubric “Encyclopedias: To Wire or Not to Wire?”
1997 “Bridging the Quality Gap,” one of a panel of presentations in “To Net or Not to Net: That is the Question.” RUSA/CODES program, American Library Association conference, San Francisco, California, June 1997
“Reference: Past Tense of Future Perfect?” Keynote address, Ohio Library Council “Reference: Past Tense of Future Perfect?” conference, Columbus, Ohio, May 1997
“Evaluating Web Resources: What to Look For.” Connecticut Library Association conference, Cromwell, Connecticut, April 1997
1996 “Beyond ‘Cool’—Analog Models for Reviewing Digital Resources.” Online World Conference, Washington, DC, October 1996
1995 “Putting the Squeeze on the Information Firehose: The Need for ’Neteditors and ’Netreviewers.” 15th Annual Charleston Conference, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, November 1995
“Nothin’ but Net?—Promise me Anything, But Give me Reliability.” Lincoln Trail Libraries System/Rolling Prairie Library System “Electronic Reference: Meeting Information Needs Via the Internet” conference, Springfield, Illinois, March 1995
1993 “Video, Values, and Learning.” Ohio Educational Library/Media Association and Ohio Library Council concurrent conference, Cleveland, Ohio, October 1993
Panelist in program entitled “Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Regained: Images of Reference.” North Carolina Library Association Biennial Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, October 1993
“Janus Gazes at Reference.” Wabash Valley Library Network 6th Annual Reference Update, Lafayette, Indiana, September 1993
Panelist in “Challenges in the Electronic Information Age: Technical, Legal, and Ethical Issues.” RASD/MARS program, American Library Association conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1993
“Islands in a Sea of Change.” “Rethinking Reference” conference sponsored by Library Solutions Institute, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California, March 1993. Repeated at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, June 1993
1992 Member of panel on book reviewing, American Association of Publishers, Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division, Washington, DC, February 1992
1990 “Can We Get There From Here?” Keynote address, University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science Allerton Institute, Monticello, Illinois, October 1990
1988 “‘The Readiness is All’ Is No Longer Enough.” Academic Libraries Section,
1987 Panelist in program on reference book reviewing, sponsored by the Reference Books Bulletin Editorial Board, American Library Association conference, San Francisco, California, June 1987
1986 “Every Reference Librarian a Reviewer.” Reference and Adult Services Section, Wisconsin Library Association annual conference, Green Bay, Wisconsin, October 1986
1982 “Fiche-ing for Facts or Reeling in Reference: Microforms at the Reference Desk.” 8th Annual Microforms Conference, Columbus, Ohio, October 1982
“Getting by With a Little Help from Our Friends: Training and Continuing Education for Online Searching.” RASD/MARS program, American Library Association conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 1982