Executive Office and Office of ALA Governance

The mission of the American Library Association is to provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.

The American Library Association is governed by a policy-making Council elected directly by members; an executive board made up of four officers elected by members, plus eight members elected by Council, that is responsible for the oversight management of ALA; and an Executive Director who administers ALA day-to-day operations and its staff.

The ALA Executive Office and Office of ALA Governance provide support to and facilitate the work of the Association and all its members, and specifically offer direct service and assistance to the President, President-Elect, Executive Board, the Council and the Executive Director. The ALA Executive Director oversees the administration and management of the Association. In addition, the Office of ALA Governance maintains files on the work of the ALA Immediate Past President and other ALA  Past Presidents of the Association.

The staff of this office:

  • Coordinate and run successful ALA Council and Executive Board meetings; serve as staff liaisons to these two governing bodies.
  • Report actions taken by Membership, the Executive Board and Council; monitor follow-up and implementation of those actions.
  • Coordinate and support the programs and initiatives of the ALA President and President-Elect, including the President's Program at the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, grant-funded projects, special programs and pre-conferences.
  • Coordinate the ALA Recognition Awards.
  • Support the ALA President-Elect in making ALA and Council committee appointments.
  • Serve as liaisons for the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, the Resolutions Committee, the Council Orientation and Policy Monitoring Committees, the Committee on Organization, the ALA Nominating Committee, and special committees and task forces created by the Executive Board and Council.
  • Oversee and coordinate the ALA Honorary Membership Award.
  • Conduct orientation programs for new Board Members and the incoming President-Elect.  

Meet our staff:

Tracie D. Hall
ALA Executive Director

(800) 545-2433, Ext. 1392 
Responsible for the overall direction of the Association.

Sheryl Reyes
Director, Office of ALA Governance


(800) 545-2433, Ext. 4230
Areas of Responsibility: Management of Board, Council and Executive/Governance Office activities and support to the Executive Director, ALA President and President-Elect. Staff liaison to the Nominating Committee, Election Committee, Constitution & Bylaws Committee, Committee on Committees, and Committee on Appointments. 

Marsha P. Burgess
Council Secretariat

(800) 545-2433, Ext. 3204
Areas of Responsibility: Council meetings, agendas, documents, follow-up. Staff liaison to the following committees: COO, Council Orientation, Policy Monitoring, Resolutions and co-liaison to Membership Meetings.

Cheryl Malden
Program Officer

(800) 545-2433, Ext. 3247
Areas of Responsibility: ALA Awards Program, Board, Council and Officer catering, events, and invitations. 

Holly Robison
Governance Associate

(800) 545-2433, Ext. 3205
Areas of Responsibility: Committee appointments, projectionist and support for ALA Council meetings, Support for Director, Office of ALA Governance. Staff liaison to Committee on Committees, and Committee on Appointments. 

Raymond Garcia 
Special Assistant to the Executive Director

(800) 545-2433 Ext. 5848
Areas of Responsibility: Special project organization; support and communications for the Executive Director. Staff liaison to the Steering Committee for Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE).