At-Large Councilors

To contact a councilor, please use this webform (ALA members only, log in required). Non-members may send messages to Marsha P. Burgess, Council Secretariat at

Alphabetical Listing of At-Large Councilors
Photo  Name Position Term Ends
Photo of Ismail Abdullahi Ismail H. Abdullahi At-Large 2019
Photo of Sonia Alcantara-Antoine Sonia Alcantara-Antoine At-Large 2019
  Celia Avila At-Large 2020
Photo of Oscar Baeza Oscar Baeza At-Large 2019
  Audrey Barbakoff At-Large 2021
Photo of Gladys Smilley Bell Gladys Smiley Bell At-Large 2019
  Mary Biblo At-Large 2020
  Jennifer Boettcher At-Large 2019
Photo of Latrice Booker Latrice Booker At-Large 2020
  Vivian Bordeaux At-Large 2020
  Whitney Buccicone At-Large 2021
  Elissia Buell At-Large 2020
  Nick Buron At-Large 2020
Photo of Keturah Cappadonia Keturah Cappadonia At-Large 2021
Photo of Melissa Cardenas-Dow Melissa Cardenas-Dow At-Large 2019
  Kathy Carroll At-Large 2019
Photo of Matthew P. Ciszek Matthew P. Ciszek At-Large 2020
  Emily Elizabeth Clasper At-Large 2021
  Amber Lea Creger At-Large 2019
Photo of Sara Dallas Sara Dallas At-Large 2021
Catherine Damiani At-Large 2021
  Ana Elisa De Campos Salles At-Large 2019
  Jay Delacruz At-Large 2021
Photo of Roberto Delgadillo Roberto Carlos Delgadillo At-Large 2021
Photo of John DeSantis John DeSantis At-Large 2020
  Shannon DeSantis At-Large 2021
  Emily Drabinski At-Large 2020
Photo of Tyler Dzuba Tyler Dzuba At-Large 2019
Ann Dutton Ewbank At-Large 2021
Photo of Erica Findley Erica Findley At-Large 2019
Photo of Ed Garcia Ed Garcia At Large 2020 ALA Executive Board 2020
Photo of Mary Glendening Mary Glendening At-Large 2020
  Martin Gomez At-Large 2020
  Selina Gomez-Beloz At Large 2021
Photo of Mario M. Gonzalez Mario M. Gonzalez At-Large 2019
  Rhonda K. Gould At-Large 2021
  Susan F. Gregory At-Large 2020
Photo of Terri Grief Terri Grief At-Large 2019
  Dorcas Hand At-Large 2020
Photo of Rochelle Hartman Rochelle Hartman At-Large 2019
Photo of April Hathcock April Hathcock At-Large 2019
Photo of Eboni M. Henry Eboni M. Henry At-Large 2021
Photo of Peter Hepburn Peter Hepburn At-Large 2020
  Holly Hibner At-Large 2019
Laura Hicks At-Large 2021
Photo of Dora Ho Dora T. Ho At-Large 2020
  Mary Anne Hodel At-Large 2021
Photo of Megan Hodge Megan Hodge At-Large 2021
  Grace M. Jackson-Brown At-Large 2020
  Jennifer Jamison At-Large 2019
 Photo of Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. At-Large 2021
Photo of Sara Kelly Johns Sara Kelly Johns At-Large 2019
  Kimberly J. Johnson At-Large 2021
  Kyla M. Johnson At-Large 2020
  Jessica Jupitus At-Large 2019
  Kimberly Bray Knight At-Large 2019
Photo of Em Claire Knowles Em Claire Knowles At-Large 2020
Photo of Linda A. Kopecky Linda Ann Kopecky At-Large 2021
  Kayla Kuni At-Large 2021
Leo Lo At-Large 2021
  David Lopez At-Large 2020
 Photo of Mike Marlin Mike Marlin At-Large 2021
Photo of Maria Taesil Hudson Carpenter Maria Taesil Hudson McCauley At Large 2019 ALA Executive Board 2019
  Chulin Meng At-Large 2020
  Rebecca Kate Miller At-Large 2019
  Kari R. Mitchell At-Large 2019
Photo of Virginia (Ginny) B. Moore Virginia (Ginny) B. Moore At-Large 2021
  Louis Munoz, Jr. At-Large 2019
Photo of Muzhgan Nazarova Muzhgan Israfil Nazarova At-Large 2019
  Larry Neal At-Large 2020
  Antoinette (Toni) Negro At-Large 2021
Photo of Denise Novak Denise Novak At-Large 2019
Photo of Johana Orellana Johana Orellana-Cabrera At-Large 2021
  Elizabeth (Liz) Kirkpatrick Philippi At-Large 2020
  Leslie Preddy At-Large 2021
Photo of Ray Pun Raymond Pun At-Large 2020
  Karen Patricia Quash At-Large 2020
Photo of Alexandra Rivera Alexandra P. Rivera At-Large 2021
Photo of Rachel G. Rubin Rachel G. Rubin At-Large 2019
Photo of Edward Sanchez Edward L. Sanchez At-Large 2019
Photo of Karen G. Schneider Karen G. Schneider At-Large 2020
  Jessica J. Schomberg At-Large 2020
Photo of Jamillah Scott-Branch Jamillah J. Scott-Branch At-Large 2019
Photo of Jules Shore Jules Shore At-Large 2019
  Jahala D. Simuel At-Large 2020
Photo of Daniella Smith Daniella Smith At-Large 2020
  Amy Steinbauer At-Large 2020
Photo of Eric Suess Eric D. Suess At-Large 2021
  Sarah J. Thornbery At-Large 2020
  Gail Tobin At-Large 2020
  Meloday Townley At-Large 2021
Photo of Joan Weeks Joan S. Weeks At-Large 2021
  Janice Welburn At-Large 2021
Photo of Annie Wu Annie Wu At-Large 2019
Photo of Jingfeng Xia Jingfeng Xia At-Large 2019

Staff Liaison

Marsha P. Burgess, Council Secretariat