Nominating Committee


Prior to each annual conference of the Association, the Executive Board, upon recommendation of the Committee on Appointments, shall appoint an ALA Nominating Committee, no one of whom shall be a member of the Board, to nominate candidates for elective positions. 


The ALA Nominating Committee consists of a chairperson and eight members appointed annually for one-year terms.  Individuals who serve on the ALA Nominating Committee may not be appointed to this committee again once their term is completed.


The ALA Nominating Committee nominates candidates from among the general membership for the position of President-elect (annually), Treasurer (every three years), and members-at-large of Council (annually).  Two candidates are nominated each for the positions of President-elect and Treasurer.  The number of nominees for the position of member-at-large of Council shall not be fewer than one-and-one-half times the anticipated number of member-at-large vacancies to be filled at the next election.  The ALA Nominating Committee also nominates and places on the ballot candidates for vacancies in the membership of Council to complete an unexpired term.

The ALA Nominating Committee reports its nominations at the midwinter meeting of the Council. 

Nominating Committee Roster


Staff Liaison:

JoAnne Kempf,