Election (standing)

History : Changed from a special committee to a standing committee by vote of the Membership in June, 1994. Functions, charge, and composition revised in June 1993.

Charge : To consist of SIX ALA MEMBERS who agree to travel to ALA Headquarters at no cost to the Association. One member shall be appointed chair annually.

To monitor ALA elections for Association officers, Councilors, and Constitution and Bylaws by: 1) reviewing and certifying, before ballots are distributed for voting, that all election documents, practices and procedures are in accordance with the ALA Constitution and Bylaws and ALA Policy Manual; 2) resolving irregularities that may arise during the election process by promptly making a recommendation for appropriate action to the ALA President; and 3) certifying the election results and reporting the results to the candidates and the ALA membership in a timely manner. In addition, at the request of any ALA division or round table, the committee shall review any irregularities in the division or round table election process and advise the division or roundtable of possible resolution.

Please note that ALA Election Committee members must agree to travel to ALA Headquarters at their own expense for election tabulation and meetings. For this reason, we encourage the ALA President-Elect to choose from among members who live or work in and around the Chicago area.

Special Note: Committee members may not run on ALA ballot while serving on the ALA Election Committee.

Current ALA Election Committee Roster

Staff Liaison:
Al Companio, acompanio@ala.org
Eileen Mahoney, emahoney@ala.org

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