Legacy Society Honor Roll of Donors


The ALA wishes to recognize the following individuals who have made the decision to generously include the Association, a division, round table, scholarship or program in their estate plans:


Anonymous (3)
William G. Asp**
Susan D. and Roger  Ballard**
Robert E. Banks**
Peggy Barber*
Anne K. Beaubien**
John W. and Alice M. Berry**
Katharina Blackstead**
Irene L. Briggs**
Francis J. Buckley, Jr.
Michele V. Cloonan & Sidney E. Berger**
Trevor A. Dawes**
Carol Pitts Diedrichs**
Lenore England
Ellen Fader**
Janice Feye-Stukas**
Carole & Stan Fiore*
Shirley Fitzgibbons
Barbara J. Ford*
Julia Gelfand & David Lang**
Carolyn Giambra**
Dr. Joan R. Giesecke
Lori Goetsch & Martin Courtois
Ruth I. Gordon*
William R. Gordon*
Ellin Greene*
Dr. Ken Haycock**
Nann Blaine Hilyard*
Pam Spencer Holley
Suellen Hoy
Alexia Hudson-Ward**
Richard L. Huffine**
Dr. Em Claire Knowles**
Nancy Kranich
Charles E. Kratz, Jr. and William Varady, Jr.
John A. Lehner
Sarah Ann Long**
Shirley Loo*
Geri Hansen Mann**
Mike Marlin
Carse McDaniel*
Regina Minudri
John N. Mitchell*
Virginia B. Moore**

David Mowery**
Jim & Fran Neal**
Robert Newlen
Sylvia K. Norton
Joyce L. Ogburn & Steven A. Eichner**
Kimberly Patton**
Mary Jane Petrowski**
Larry Romans & Mike Morgan**
Molly & Ted Raphael**
Frances R. Roscello
Robert F. Rose
April Roy
Patricia Glass Schuman
Helen H. Spalding & Karl F. Johnson**
David & Cindy Steinhoff
Roberta & George Stevens**
Peggy Sullivan*
Teri Switzer
Ann & John Symons*
Ruth & Jay Toor*
Betty Turock*
William L. Turner, Jr.**
Beatriz Pascual Wallace**
Patricia A. Wand**
Marina Welmers
J. Linda Williams**



In grateful memory: friends whose bequests have been realized since the 1990s:
Leo Albert
Arthur Curley
Emily Cloyd
Mary Ruth Y. Duncan
Ruth Frame
Eleanore Futas
Florence Gambino
Reiza Gaunt
Helga Herz
Gerald Hodges*
Sara Elizabeth Mitchell
William C. Morris
Jeraline N. Nerney
Margaret "Peg" Oettinger*
Mildred Othmer Peterson
Lee Wheeler


* Charter Member
**ALA Legacy Member/15x15 planned giving campaign



1876 Club Founding Members
Peter D. Coyl
Ann Dutton Ewbank
Edward Andrew Garcia
Loida Garcia-Febo
John "Mack" Freeman
Peter Hepburn
Andew M. Medlar
Sheila O'Donnell
Andrew K. Pace
Gina Persichini
Courtney L. Young