ALA Organizational Chart

ALA Executive Director: Keith Michael Fiels

  1. Advocacy & Member Relations: Cathleen Bourdon, AED
  2. Finance & Accounting: Mark Leon, CFO
  3. Governance Office: JoAnne Kempf
  4. Member Programs & Services: Mary Ghikas, Senior AED
  5. Publishing Services: Bill Ott, Acting AED
  6. Washington Office: Emily Sheketoff, AED
  7. ALA Development Office: Sheila O'Donnell
  8. Center for the Future of Libraries: Miquel Figueroa
  9. Human Resources: Dan Hoppe, AED

Advocacy & Member Relations: Cathleen Bourdon, AED    

  • Chapter Relations Office: Michael Dowling
  • International Relations Office: Michael Dowling
  • Library / Knowledge Management: Karen Muller
  • Membership: Ron Jankowski
  • Office for Library Advocacy: Marci Merola
  • Office for Research & Statistics: Kathy Rosa
  • Public Awareness Office & Libraries Transform Campaign: Jeff Julian
  • Public Programs Office: Deborah Robertson

Finance & Accounting: Mark Leon, CFO    

  • Controller:  Joanne Lee
  • Financial Reporting & Compliance: L. Denise Moritz
  • Credit & Collections:  John McGovern
  • Office of Operations/Support: Ron Bruzan
    • Distribution: Ron Bruzan
  • Planning & Budgeting:  Brad Geene

Governance Office: JoAnne Kempf    

  • Awards Programs: Cheryl Malden
  • Council Secretariat: Lois Ann Gregory-Wood
  • Executive Board Secretariat: Kerri Price

Member Programs & Services: Mary Ghikas, Senior AED    

  • AASL: Sylvia Knight Norton
  • ALA Marketing Director: Mary Mackay
  • ALCTS: Keri Cascio
  • ALSC: Aimee Strittmatter
  • ACRL: Mary Ellen Davis
    • Choice: Mark Cummings
  • ASCLA / RUSA: Susan Hornung
  • LLAMA: Kerry Ward
  • LITA: Jenny Levine
  • PLA: Barbara Macikas
  • YALSA: Beth Yoke
  • ALA Round Tables: Danielle Alderson
  • Conference Services: Paul Graller
  • ITTS: Sherri Vanyek
  • Office for Accreditation: Karen O’Brien
  • Office for Intellectual Freedom: James LaRue
  • Office for HRDR and ALA-APA: Lorelle Swader
  • Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services: Jody Gray
  • United for Libraries: Sally Reed

Publishing Services: Bill Ott, Acting AED    

  • ALA Editions: Christopher Murphy
  • ALA Digital Reference: James Hennelly
  • ALA eLearning Solutions: Dan Freeman
  • ALA Graphics: Rachel Johnson
  • American Libraries: Laurie Borman
  • Booklist Publications: Bill Ott
  • Print Services: Terrence Miltner
  • Production Services: Christopher Keech

Washington Office: Emily Sheketoff, AED    

  • Office for Information Technology Policy/OITP: Alan Inouye
  • Office of Government Relations: Adam Eisgrau
  • Washington Office – Administration: Patricia May

ALA Development Office: Sheila O'Donnell    

Center for the Future of Libraries: Miguel Figueroa    

Human Resources: Dan Hoppe, AED    

  • Benefits: Grisela Rodriguez
  • Recruitment: Mary J. Pullen
  • HRIS/Payroll: Beata Staruk
  • HR Assistant: Adriane Alicea


Last revised: April 25, 2017