Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the ODLOS Advisory Committee


To oversee, coordinate, and support the diversity research grants program; to oversee the application, selection and notification process; to annually designate a Achievement in Library Diversity Research honoree; to serve as a resource for grant awardees; to promote and disseminate findings from grants; and to make recommendations on and support fundraising and marketing initiatives related to the diversity research grants program.


Veronica L.C. Stevenson-Moudamane (Chair, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010)
Vickie E. Beene (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2011)
Nicole Lea Busch (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2011)
Joyce E. Jelks (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2011)
Cheryl Knott Malone (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010)
Ray Schwartz (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2011)
Rubina J. Isaac (Staff Liaison, July 1, 2009, to September 20, 2010)
Gwendolyn Prellwitz (Staff Liaison, January 1, 2009, to July 15, 2013)
Gwendolyn Prellwitz (Staff Liaison, July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2010)

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The Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee consists of 5 to 7 members appointed by the Chair of the ODLOS Advisory Committee serving 2 year terms and led by a chair, appointed annually.

Staff Liaison

Gwendolyn Prellwitz, Assistant Director
ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611
800-545-2433, ext. 5048 | diversity@ala.org