America's Libraries in the 21st Century (AL21C)


To monitor technological and societal trends that are relevant to libraries and public access to information and encourage and contribute to discussions about these trends in forums inside and outside of ALA. To identify relevant data sources for these relevant trends and strive to improve the usefulness and visibility of these data. To advocate for appropriate policies and practices based on those trends that have identifiable, direct implications for the library community. To identify scenarios, models, and specific directions in technology and society that have the most promise for advancing the interests of the LIS community. To engage the LIS community to develop appropriate visions, strategies, positions, and messages. To assist the LIS community in taking a greater leadership role in shaping its future in the digital world.


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The Subcommittee on America’s Libraries for the 21st Century consists of 16 members drawn from the membership at large serving two-year terms and led by  a chair.