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2010-2011 ALA Annual Report cover image

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Center: Welcome to New Orleans sign at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference.

Orbiting 2011 ALA Annual Conference photos, clockwise from top-right:

  • Daniel Ellsburg, called the “most dangerous man in America” by Richard Nixon, presents the “War and Secrecy” program
  • Shana Wagger and Jacquelyn Daniel at the Mobile App Pavilion
  • Sarah Long, Peggy Barber, and Barbara Ford pause for a photo in the convention center lobby
  • Dan Savage discusses the “It Gets Better” program during his keynote address
  • Librarian Margo Fesperman, from Charlotte, N.C., shows off her Libraries Build Communities shirt
  • Kim Catlege, Branch Manager, Chicago Public Library, poses with a Mardi Gras character in the ByWater Solution booth.