Annual Fund Toolkit


You can make a difference by actively sharing why you're supporting ALA's year-end giving campaign and encouraging others to donate.

Get started now! Use the suggested social media posts and images below. Or get creative and customize them to make them your own.

To Promote the Annual Fund:

1. Announce your participation in #GiveALA on your social media channels.

2. Tag your colleagues and friends and encourage them to donate. Donors are three times more likely to donate when asked by a friend or colleague.

3. Consider starting a Facebook fundraiser to support ALA.

4. Help generate excitement by sharing posts from the ALA's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media channels.

5. What's your #GiveALA Story?  Share why you're choosing to support the #giveALA campaign on social media (video, image, or unselfie).

Instagram share graphic: Library advocates holding signs: Libraries Transform, vote for libraries, i love libraries #GiveALA, ALA Annual Fund

Social Media Graphics

Instagram share: I support libraries because... #GiveALA,

Download "I Support Libraries Because..."  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Libraries transform lives

Download "Libraries Transform Lives" Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Support libraries on Giving Tuesday. #GiveALA,
Download "Support Libraries" graphic: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Twitter Headers (click images to download)

Twitter cover: Support libraries on Giving Tuesday, #GiveALA (women holding signs: Libraries are awesome, Fund Libraries

Twitter header: Support libraries on GivingTuesdat, #GIVEALA (dog with sign that says #GiveALA

Facebook Cover Art (click images to download)

Facebook cover: Suport libraries on Giving Tuesday, #GiveALA

Facebook cover: Support libraries on Giving Tuesday, #GiveALA

Twitter/Facebook Sample Posts

  • Did you know the American Library Association provides support to library workers across the country dealing with censorship issues? To support the freedom to read, go to
  • Nearly 100% of public libraries provide Wi-Fi and free access to computers. To support equal access for all, go to
  • Academic libraries benefit everyone on campus, but receive fewer than two cents of every dollar spent on higher education. To support academic libraries across the country, go to
  • Students in high-poverty schools are almost TWICE as likely to graduate when the school library is staffed with a certified school librarian. To support school libraries, go to
  • I support/donate to the American Library Association because it advocates for ALL libraries, from public to rural, tribal, academic, and school. #giveALA
  • I support/donate to the American Library Association because it speaks up to ensure everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or income, has equal access to resources. #giveALA
  • I support/donate to the American Library Association because it is a fearless defender of intellectual freedom. #giveALA
  • I’m a member of the [ROUND TABLE NAME] because I believe in [ROUND TABLE FOCUS]. Donate today to be a part of this work! #giveALA

Remember! Always use the official #GiveALA hashtag and link to the ALA donation page (

Mention ALA in your posts so we can thank you and share!