RUSA begins publishing RQ in November of 1960.

The name of the publication has since changed to Reference and User Services Quarterly (RUSQ).


The Cyrus McCormick Mansion was torn down, but the ALA headquarters did not move. A new building was designed and constructed on the same site. The current building in the same site was dedicated as ALA headquarters in 1963.

The Library History Bluff Blog shows a rendering of a the proposed new building as depicted on a 1960 postcard.


Knapp School Libraries Project begins, continuing to 1974.

"The Knapp School Libraries Project that was developed in the 1960s to create model libraries in elementary and secondary schools by upgrading their materials and qualified personnel. Visits from librarians, educators, students, and community members that helped disseminate the model libraries' characteristics are discussed." Read more from ERIC


The Office for Intellectual Freedom established.

"Social movements are used to change existing social patterns. Causes may be promoted through the actions of individual librarians or by the work of social institutions like the American Library Association.