The Division for Children and Young People, now the Association for Library Service to Children, authorized by the ALA Council.


"The formation of the "Division of Public Libraries" of the American Library Association was approved by ALA Council in 1944, following petitions signed by nearly 1,200 members." Read more from the History of the Public Library Association

The Division of Public Libraries is now the Public Library Association.


ALA's Washington Office opens, under the direction of Paul Howard.


1946 saw the opening of  the in Washington D.C. office and the move of the headquarters to yet another location in Chicago.

Since then, the headquarters of ALA have been at 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL. At the time they were housed in the old Cyrus H. McCormick Mansion. 

The building was later torn down, and the current building in the same site was dedicated as ALA headquarters in 1963.

For images of the old Cyrus McCormick Mansion please see the Library History Buff Blog.


"Public Libraries" is the official journal of the Public Library Association. It was first published (Vol. 1, No.1) on January, 1947.