ALA began holding an annual business meeting, which became the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

The ALA Midwinter Meeting is convened for the primary purpose of expediting the business of the Association through sessions of its governing and administrative delegates serving on boards, committees, and Council. Programs designed for the continuing education and development of the fields of library service shall be reserved for Annual Conference except by specific authorization of the Executive Board acting under the provisions of the ALA Constitution. Hearings seeking membership reactions and provisions for observers and petitioners at meetings of Council, committees, and boards are to be publicized; programs of orientation or leadership development to Association business are encouraged; assemblies of groups of individuals for information sharing vital to the development of Association business shall be accepted as appropriate to the purposes of the Midwinter Meeting. (Policy Manual 7.4.11)

Today the midwinter meeting is seen as a great way to network and participate in the library profession. Read what other librarians are saying about the midwinter meetings.

List of past midwinter meetings