Caroline Hewins initiates the first story children's story hour at the Hartford (Conn.) Young Men's Institute, a private subscription association that was the predecessor to the Hartford Public Library. 

Caroline Hewins also initiated one of the first children's collection. She was the librarian in Hartford for fifty years from 1875 until 1926.

"She served as an ALA councilor in 1885 to 1888 and again in 1893 to 1902.  She served as vice-president of ALA in 1891.  She was one of the eight women who attended the Children's Librarians Club meeting in 1900 (the Club would eventually become the Children's Section of ALA)." rRead more of a brief biography.

Two participants in her story hours kept journals. These journals survive and can be read here.


"We Yankees, in our intense longing for usefulness, teach many facts which may well be left until manhood and womanhood, and appeal too little to the sense of beauty which, if not found in childhood, is forever lost."
- Caroline Maria Hewins, 1875