Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Rights and Permission for Use

"Developing, implementing, and articulating a vision for the profession through standards, frameworks, and guidelines" is one of the eight essential functions of AASL.

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner represents a core work of the association.  It is AASL's goal to see the learning standards used and implemented while at the same time ensuring that the value and integrity of the learning standards are maintained as the work of the association.

See general guidelines on rights and permissions.

If in doubt, contact AASL.

Personal or educational use

Select examples of permissible use:

The PDF versions of the document available on the AASL Web site are intended for personal and educational use. Printing or forwarding copies for your own private use or to share with others for purely informational or educational purposes is permissible. (e.g. distribution to a class or a faculty meeting).

Inserting excerpts of the standards document (e.g. specific standards, skills, responsibilities, etc.) that demonstrate the application of the work (e.g. a lesson or unit plan) is permissible.

Inserting excerpts of the standards document into training materials that demonstrate the application of the work (e.g. a conference presentation) is permissible.

Incorporating a link to the document in communications (e.g. posting a link on your website, citing in an electronic discussion, including in a blog posting) is permissible.

Select examples of uses requiring permission:

Inserting of the entire document or a substantial portion of the text into a derivative work (e.g. a curriculum guide) requires permission.

Posting of the PDF (e.g. to a website or embedded in a curriculum document) requires permission.

Commercial use

Permission must be requested for any use that falls outside of the parameters defined in fair use guidelines. See material at link above for general guidance.

How to request permission

Requests can be made through the ALA Rights & Permissions online form external link .

Questions may be directed to:

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Deputy Executive Director
American Association of School Librarians (AASL)
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Chicago, IL 60611
Toll free: (800) 545-2433, x4385
Direct line: (312) 280-4385