Lesson Plans - Grades K-5

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Archived lesson plans for grades K-5 from the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Lesson Plan Database.

Adelina's Whales and The Big 6 Research Process pdf icon

American Revolution pdf icon

Animal Habitat Research - EasyBib Note-Taking pdf icon

Animal Research pdf icon

Animal Research Project pdf icon

Asking Research Questions pdf icon

Burr Airlines Flight to Asia: Building Inquiry Skills pdf icon

California's Native American Tribes pdf icon

Chameleons Are Cool pdf icon

Check It Out... Nonfiction Can Be Fun! pdf icon

Children in Japan and Hawaii: How Are We Alike and Different pdf icon

Close Reading of Photographs pdf icon

Community Helpers pdf icon

Complete the Research! pdf icon

Creating Book Reviews in Destiny OPAC pdf icon

Creating Story Elements Flap Books pdf icon

Creepy, Crawly Insects - Where Can I Find Out More? pdf icon

Diary of a Worm/Fiction and Non-Fiction pdf icon

Discovering Reference Resources pdf icon

Dr. Seuss and Read Across America pdf icon

Earth Day Project pdf icon

Endangered Animals Trading Cards pdf icon

Evaluating Animal Nonfiction Book(s) pdf icon

Explorers Project pdf icon

Famous African American Research pdf icon

Find the Figurative Language pdf icon

Food Webs pdf icon

From Tadpole to Frog pdf icon

Genres: Let's Make Comparisons pdf icon

George Washington: Was He a Responsible Family Man as well as a Great Leader? pdf icon

Help! My Rights Have Been Violated!! pdf icon

Historical Figure Biographies Lesson 2: Creating the Voki pdf icon

Hooks with Books: Never Judge a Book by its Cover pdf icon

How Laws Are Made-Ben's Guide pdf icon

In Case of Emergency pdf icon

Insect investigation pdf icon

Introduction to Cyberbullying pdf icon

Learning Life Lessons through Fables pdf icon

Literary Text vs. Informational Text pdf icon

My Animal Research Project pdf icon

Navigating Biographical Research Using Gale Biography in Context pdf icon

Note-taking: K.I.S.S. "Keep it Short and Simple" pdf icon

Nouns and Verbs in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs pdf icon

Nutritional Value of Snack Foods pdf icon

Passport Through the Library pdf icon

Penguin Facts pdf icon

Poems: What They Look and Sound Like pdf icon

Pourquoi Tales pdf icon

Read Around Ball for Fantasy and Science Fiction pdf icon

Read for the Record pdf icon

Research on Nevada History pdf icon

Researching Inventors with Online Databases pdf icon

Shhh! We're Taking a Trip on the Underground Railroad! pdf icon

Simple Machines pdf icon

South America: Geography's Effect on People's Lifestyle and Work pdf icon

South Carolina and the Revolutionary War pdf icon

Space Travel: Lesson 2: Researching your Destination pdf icon

Student Created Book Talks pdf icon

Teaching Inquiry with Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet pdf icon

The Westward Movement: Why the West is Best pdf icon

Three-Ring Government pdf icon

Understanding Author & Illustrator pdf icon

U.S. Westward Expansion pdf icon

Vegetables pdf icon

What Makes A Snack Healthy? pdf icon

What's the Difference? Fiction and Non-Fiction pdf icon

What Was Life Like in Ancient Hawaii? pdf icon

Where Can I Find It? pdf icon

Where in the World? A Trip Through Ancient Egypt and China pdf icon

Whose Lucky Day Is It? pdf icon

Who was Ben Franklin? Preparing to use Ben's Guide pdf icon

Wildflower Field Guides pdf icon

Wolves: Using More than One Source pdf icon

Zoo Animal Experts pdf icon

Zoo Animals pdf icon