Lesson Plans - Grades 6-8

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Archived lesson plans for grades 6-8 from the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Lesson Plan Database.

5 Types of Literary Conflict pdf icon

Alternative Energy Sources pdf icon

Animal Research Project pdf icon

Asking Research Questions pdf icon

Building a Greener Community pdf icon

CCC: Credible Sources, Creative Commons Images, and Citing Your Sources pdf icon

Community History pdf icon

Discovering Reference Resources pdf icon

Dr. Seuss and Read Across America pdf icon

Environmental Performance Research pdf icon

Examining Internet Resources pdf icon

Exploring Theme and Mood with a Book Trailer pdf icon

Fact vs. Opinion pdf icon

Global Warming Portfolio Project pdf icon

Greek Mythology Research pdf icon

Historical Documents - Ben’s Guide The Gettysburg Address pdf icon

Hammurabi's Code Multimedia Presentation pdf icon

Holocaust Web Quest: Evaluation and Citations pdf icon

Hooks with Books: Never Judge a Book by its Cover pdf icon

Horror Tales: What Makes Them Spooky? pdf icon

Human Interactions with Living Systems pdf icon

It's All Greek to Me! pdf icon

It's Debatable pdf icon

Juvenile Justice pdf icon

News Reporting pdf icon

Passport Through the Library pdf icon

Picturing History: Analyzing and Researching Primary Source Images pdf icon

Places in History: Researching Historic Locations Associated with the Civil Rights Movement pdf icon

Plants and Trees and Leaves, Oh My! pdf icon

Political Speeches Podcast pdf icon

Read Around Ball for Fantasy and Science Fiction pdf icon

Rock Star Road Trip pdf icon

Savvy Surfers: Website Evaluation and Media Literacy pdf icon

Social Networking Sites: Pros and Cons pdf icon

Teaching Digital Curation Using LiveBinders to Study the Life and Times of Mark Twain pdf icon

Using Primary and Secondary Sources to Create an Educational Game pdf icon

Web Evaluation pdf icon

What's Your Type? Personalities and Career Choices pdf icon