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Finding the information you need

As you are searching for information there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Ideas to keep in mind:

  • Not all information is found on the Internet. Sometimes you will get faster and better information from a book (like an encyclopedia).
  • Spend some time thinking about keywords you can use to search with.
  • Learn how different search engines work. Try more than one, you will likely get different results.
  • Always check the information you find with another source to make sure it is accurate.

The following websites offer advice for searching the Internet or finding the information you need. Again, visit your school library, it is full of great resources. The best of all resource is your school library media specialist!

Use NoodleQuest and answer a few questions about your research topic, the wizard will give you the best search strategies to begin.

KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching
This page, developed by librarians, offers concise, practical lessons on different search engines and methods.

Ask an Expert
Sometimes it's best to go to an expert! Use this site to find an expert on virtually every subject you can imagine.

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