Learning Standards & Program Guidelines

Review and Revision

For the first time in decades AASL is using a multi-layered survey, data, and research approach to revise and remodel its learning standards and program guidelines for your profession. To ensure the standards meet the needs of the entire community, this research centers on community consultation—you are the foundation of our work! Visit the FAQ section for more information on the research process, key findings, and next steps. 

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While the launch of new standards and guidelines is scheduled for fall 2017, the current AASL standards will not “go away” with the release of new standards. As with each iteration of the learning standards there will be carry-forward elements, and the previous version will not be considered wrong or incorrect. See below for more information and resources to help you implement the current AASL learning standards and program guidelines.

Learning Standards

AASL's learning standards offer a vision for teaching and learning to both guide and beckon the school library profession as education leaders. The learning standards shape the library program and serve as a tool for school librarians to use to shape the learning of students in the school.

Program Guidelines

AASL's newest set of program guidelines defines the future direction of school library programs. Empowering Learners ensures that school library program planners go beyond the basics to provide goals, priorities, criteria, and general principles for establishing effective school library programs.