School Library Month - Community Gallery

Participating Authors

Tony Abbott

"The library is the living core of any school. It’s where wisdom is held and nurtured. It‘s the center from which knowledge radiates outward to students. No matter how electronic or scattered or unattached we become, the library will always be our center."

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“America’s school libraries are an inexhaustible fountain of knowledge. They provide today’s students with the skills they need to achieve great things in their lives. School librarians help children develop a love of reading and teach them to become critical thinkers. In other words, they are essential to building a child’s greatest asset – their mind.”

David A. Adler

"Your school library is where your interests really matter.

It's where you choose whatever you want to read."

Linas Alsenas

"School libraries are among few places where students can direct their own educations."

Laurie Halse Anderson

“School libraries are the foundation of our culture, not luxuries.”

Tom Angleberger

“A School Library is Like the Bat Cave: it's a safe fortress in a chaotic world, a source of knowledge and the lair of a superhero. True the superhero is more likely to be wearing a cardigan than a batsuit, but still..."

Graeme Base

I love screens. The bigger the better. And now you can get them in 3D!  But my favourite is the personal one I take with me everywhere I go - it's super hi-res, 132-frames per second, picture-perfect 3D (glasses optional) and a million miles wide. You've got one, too. It's in your head, ready to roll. Just plug in a good book from your school library.”

Andrea Beaty

"In a school library, wonder abides. EVERYTHING is possible."

Charles Benoit

"School library programs are like an amusement park for the mind. Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride."

Nell Beram

"Take the best things about a house of worship: it’s a peaceful refuge; everyone is welcome there; and it’s full of kindred spirits. Add books and more comfortable chairs. What do you get? A library. Put that library in a school, and what do you get? A place where a child can always feel safe, encouraged to learn, and anything but alone. For some kids, it will amount to their first religious experience."

Marianne Berkes

"I can't imagine a school without a library. What better place to celebrate and encourage a love of reading! A friend who is a Media Specialist recently told me 'Not having a library in a school is like not having a kitchen in a restaurant', and I couldn't have said it any better than that. Kudos to all the school librarians wearing so many hats these days helping kids explore REAL books as well digital."

Tom Birdseye

"School libraries are the portals to new worlds. Walk in, open a book, and like magic, you're on your way!"

Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky

“A library card is like a ticket to a theater of the mind, where imagination rules and anything is possible.”

Melvin Bukiet

"School Libraries are the spleen of civilization. Also the kidneys, lungs, liver and heart. Without them, forget it."

Eric Carle

"School libraries are very important. A quiet place to read or look at pictures, to discover or daydream. 

A place where the imagination can be free."

David A. Carter

"I was introduced to the world of art through books at the school library and it changed my life."

Aidan Chambers

"School libraries are - or should be - the heart of a school. I know from personal experience during my years as a school librarian, and from visits to many schools in many countries during the last forty years, how essential a good school library, and a good, well-trained, and well-read school librarian, are to a vibrant educational and cultural life, not only of a school but also of the community the school serves."

Kay Choaro

"When my three sons were very young, and my husband was a graduate student at Columbia, buying books was out of the question. Instead, I trooped the kids to the library every week.  The youngest loved the "reading hour", and the older two loved picking out their own books.  We trooped home, arms filled with books, week after week .  Every night they had a book read to them before going to sleep.  They all three learned to love books and I discovered my love for children's books, too.  Without the library and all those trips, I may never have become a children's book author/illustrator. 

Years later, embarrassed that I had no computer skills, I discovered classes at a nearby community library.  It was there that I learned the fundamentals so that I could feel confident enough to buy my first computer.  Those classes were filled with people from the community who needed to learn computer skills to advance in their work, or simply to keep up with the times.

There are so many other classes at library where I live in the summer that enrich lives and bring people from the community, exercise, photography, and so many other things.  For people with limited budgets, limited lives, libraries open worlds, through the free access to computers, exhibitions that hang on the walls by local artists, courses offered and of course, through wonderful books and even DVDs and tapes."

Art Corriveau

"Thank goodness for the librarian of my hometown in Vermont! She taught me that an entire universe of adventure, mystery, history and magic awaited me among those shelves of books. I still head to the local library for inspiration. In fact, I stumbled across the idea for all three of my novels at the Boston Public Library-- where, by the way, I also researched and drafted them."

Priscilla Cummings

"I can find no other way to say it: school library programs are a one-stop shop for enriching the mind."

Karen Cushman

"School libraries are open doors to wonder, to reflection, and to achievement.  School libraries matter!"

Barry Deutsch

"For a kid like the kid I was, the school library is everything... a home away from home, a passport to a wider world, the one place where learning is the center of the universe. A school with no library would be like a museum with no pictures."

Adrian Fogelin

"At the heart of every school is a candy store known as the Media Center. The variety of what a student can sample in this school library is endless. And in case any kid has trouble making a choice, there is someone uniquely qualified to help them find just the right flavor, a media specialist. When I make an author visit to a school, the media specialist is almost always the person I hang out with. Lucky me."

Bobby George

"Libraries have so many wonderful secrets and stories to keep and share. None, of course, are more important than the magical ability of libraries to help foster a love of learning and living.  Explore your library today. After all, is there anything better than sitting in the middle of the library on an early morning, sipping on a glass of water, quietly reading a book, and listening to all the secrets the shelves whisper in your ear."

Scott Gibala-Broxholm

"A truly great School Library Program is like a good friend - inspiring and supportive, thought provoking (with funny in between), always there when you need them the most, and you just can't WAIT until the next time you get together!"

Lisa Greenwald

"Everyone knows that the library is the best place in the whole school. A room filled with books and a place to unwind. What could be better?"

Laura Lee Gulledge

"To me, the school library is like the eye of a hurricane. School life can be hectic and filled with many people who don't think that being smart or caring about things is cool.  But thankfully there's a calm sanctuary in the middle of all that chaos for those of us who love ideas, imagination, and learning new things. Libraries become a center of community for the curious, and those are always the people I want to meet."

Dan Gutman

"If it hadn't been for my elementary school librarian, I would have grown up to be a bum with no job, sitting around the house in my underwear all day.  Oh, wait a minute.  That happened anyway."

Margaret Peterson Haddix

"For a lot of kids, classroom and school libraries are about the only way they’re ever exposed to books. Those kids depend on school libraries—and so society depends on school libraries."

Nathan Hale

“I loved my high school library. I was always on a long waiting list of "Holds" at my local public library--waiting for the next book in a series. Imagine my surprise when I went into my high school library to see those same books available for immediate check out! It was fantastic. Our school librarian was great--she also happened to live next door to my girlfriend at the time (also a big reader.) We would give her book requests when we saw her, and she would often order them. In my senior year, I did a large painting and donated it to the school library. It hung above my favorite reading couch. Years later, a new high school was built and they tore down the old one. That school librarian tracked me down to give me back my painting. Now it hangs in my house. Long story short: Find your school library, make friends with the librarian, pick out a reading couch and make it your favorite!”

Joan Hiatt Harlow

“The school library is a magical place. Here in quiet moments away from the chaos of the classroom, children’s sense of wonder, enthusiasm, curiosity and delight is encouraged. Here students are free to fly away in books and media to that other place in space and time – (where authors find their stories and characters) – Often we often discover ourselves as we delve through volumes of the best books.

Got a question? School librarians will find the answer and won’t rest until they do! When a child is too shy to call me about a question in my books, I will hear directly from the librarian. I’ve often noticed a childlike sense of fun, wonder, and curiosity in the librarian’s voice as well as delight when she finds the answer for her student.

When my book JOSHUA’S SONG was a “One Book, One Community” choice, a school librarian enlisted kids to make molasses cookies for the event.  (JOSHUA’S SONG is a novel about the Great Molasses Flood in 1919 Boston.)  That’s the kind of creative thinking common to school librarians.

What a place! I still feel like an adventurous kid when I visit a school library.”

Jennifer Holm & Matthew Holm

"A school without a librarian is like Babymouse without a dream. Please support school library programs in your community."

A. G. Howard

“A school library provides equal opportunity escapism and inspiration. It doesn't care about your race, your gender, your creed, or your financial standing. It opens its shelves and offers a safe haven where young, fertile minds can expand their horizons and better understand their world, or invent and inhabit new worlds they never dreamed might exist.”

Dean James

"Libraries are so fundamental to life-long education, it’s hard for me to imagine a school without one. Students who don’t have access to a school library – and a school librarian – aren’t getting the fully rounded education they deserve."

Amy Ignatow

"The school library was a portal to fascinating new worlds that were far, far away from the stink of dodge ball and the dread of unfinished homework. Today I feel shivers of delight to envision a quiet corner in a school library where some kid has their nose buried in one of my books, and is happily imagining themselves in a world that I created."

Gail Langer Karwoski

"A school library is the best 'consumer special' of all. Because what is a library, after all? It's a bunch of shelves stocked with all kinds of treasures. That's the same as any store in the mall. Can you imagine if a store worked like a library? And you could take anything you want off any shelf and use it for free, as long as you like, just as long as you promise to return it when you've finished? What a deal!"

Peg Kehret

"A child who loves to read learns to dream big. A child who knows how to research can find help to overcome any obstacle. When we provide children with well stocked and professionally staffed school libraries, we give them the foundation not only for an education but for a well-lived life."

Caroline Kennedy

“A great school library becomes the heart of the school and the center of the larger community. A great school librarian understands that kids can’t succeed without the support of parents, teachers, business partners and 21st century research and writing skills.”

Jeff Kinney

"A school library is a place where a kid can escape to a new world or a new point of view. It's where I learned about my favorite authors, including Judy Blume, Piers Anthony, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm very grateful to my school library for turning me on to reading!"

Daniel Kirk

"I think reading and writing are two of the most important things we can have in our lives. Reading and writing make us smarter, more sensitive to our own needs and the needs of others, and clearer about what we're here to do.  Reading and writing help us plan better, and dream bigger.

The more time we spend reading and writing, the more everything in our lives will make sense!"

Stephen Krensky

"School libraries are a great place to ask questions, get answers, and meet a few characters in print that you'll never find in class."

Jarrett J. Krosoczka

"The school library is the heart of a school's community. It serves as a central space where students not only develop a love of reading, but a space where their imaginations are fostered."

Elaine Landau

"A school library is the jewel of any school. It’s a place where students can learn and grow. They can broaden their views and thinking. It’s where a young person can be transported to another country or even another world through the wonderful magic of books and videos. There’s no better place for anyone to be!"

Robert Lipsyte

"Forget about how much I love school libraries now. Remember how much I needed them then."

Claudia Mills

"So many of the happiest hours of my school life were spent in the library. I can close my eyes and still see the exact places in the stacks where I found beloved novels I remember to this day."

Marissa Moss

"I love finding the book that I wasn't even looking for, but happens to be on the shelf next to the one I thought I wanted. That's the miracle of school libraries."

Lauren Myracle

"My son's middle school library was a place where he could safely be who he is: A nerd (and proud of it), a computer geek, a Doctor Who fan, and an avid reader. The school cafeteria was, for Al, hell on earth. So was the courtyard where kids congregated during free time. The library, on the other hand, was heaven--and sensing this, Al's librarian created a special laminated card for him so that he had a free pass to spend his lunch periods and free periods in the library. And he did, every day. The unconditional positive regard Al got from his school librarian made middle school not just tolerable, but awesome. My eternal thanks to school libraries, library programs, and especially the amazing librarians who make everything come together!"

S.D. Nelson

"Reading is a sport. So, lace up your shoes and get in the game!"

Susan Beth Pfeffer

"My high school library was a very important place for me, not only for the books (which I devoured), but for the warmth and support of Mrs. Abelson, the librarian. Not only did the library open my mind, but it sheltered my soul at times when I most needed it to."

Margi Preus

"My school library was an amazing place, full of secret passageways, portholes and portals. There were doors that lead to mystical realms, and peepholes through which you might catch a glimpse of faraway places. There were magic mirrors and staircases, porticos and turnstiles, gates to pastures full of wild horses, ladders to tree houses, cat flaps to secret gardens, skylights to stars, thresholds to the future. In other words, there were books. Books introduced me to all the worlds there are; the school library introduced me to the world of books. (Including the thesaurus.)"

April Prince

“Vibrant school library programs not only connect students and teachers to quality literature and nonfiction, they do the vital work of teaching library and information-gathering skills that will last students a lifetime. As authors, we salute you!”

Fiona Robinson

"When I was a child, my elementary school didn't have a library, let alone a librarian! But once a month a renovated ice cream van pulled up outside the school. We patiently waited our turn, then three at a time we were allowed into the van, where we were greeted by the driver. There was no ice cream inside, but books crammed everywhere, like the book-lined hole Alice falls down! The librarian/driver knew every book and was eager to match the right one to the right child. But she would also allow us to explore on our own. It was a moment when I felt both attended to and yet also very independent, and I think this special program helped me understand that a library was a world where you could both be yourself and have adventures."

Joanne Rocklin

"I honestly can't remember a time without a book in my hand or a story in my head! My school library was always my home away from home, and still is."

Deborah Lee Rose

“I will never forget the school librarian who helped me fall in love with books as a child—by giving me Charlotte's Web to read. That book is really about the power of words, and today, I am an author because of that librarian’s gift.”

Susan Rubin

"Since growing up in the Bronx I have always felt excited and powerful at the library, choosing books, finding things out for myself. At one point all the books were about ballet but at last I gave it up for art. (I've been successfully negotiating library fines ever since.)"

Barney Saltzberg

“My school library was a quiet and magical room where I could walk in and find hundreds of books just waiting there to be opened and explored!”

Julie Sternberg

“I cannot remember happier childhood hours than the ones I spent with my elementary school librarian, Vivian Hurst. What a difference she made in my life! She hand-picked books for me to check out each week, introducing me to many of my lifelong favorites. She always asked for a full report on what I’d read. And she often let me open the boxes of new books that had just arrived in her office. I loved the smell and feel of those books. Hooray for librarians like Mrs. Hurst! They deserve a month dedicated to them, and so much more.”

Todd Strasser

"If the library is the last place in school you can picture yourself being in, then you’re probably the person who could benefit the most by going there."

Nancy Viau

"There is a bright spot in every student’s day, and it’s called Library Hour. There, nestled between mysteries, picture books, biographies, novels, and more, a child puts reality aside and steps into her own unique little space—a magical world filled with characters of all sizes, shapes, and colors. When she greets them, they whisk her away to strange and beautiful lands, allow her in on their secrets, and give her enough curiosity to last a lifetime. Library Hour is powerful! "

Mo Willems

"You don’t have to care about books to love school libraries. You don’t have to give a ding-dang about funny stories, true stories, or the world beyond your home to think they matter. You don’t even have to love that school libraries are both a refuge and gateway to discovery. All you need to care about are the kids they serve. School libraries are as important as the children who need them."