Landmark Websites for Teaching & Learning

The Landmark Websites are honored due to their exemplary histories of authoritative, dynamic content and curricular relevance. They are free, web-based sites that are user friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover and provide a foundation to support 21st-century teaching and learning.

Content Resources, Lesson Plans, & More 

ALTEC external icon
Empower learners of all types and ages. That is ALTEC's idea. Find instructional Web-based technology for students, professional development opportunities, program support, and online assessment for educators. Many teaching and learning tools are offered, and many sites and activities for the classroom are presented as well.

Tip: Take a look at all the ALTEC Star Tools.

Annenberg Media Learner.Org external icon
Videos, interactives, workshops, and distance learning are all available on this site. Need materials for your lessons? This is the place. Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts are all represented.

Tip: Browse by grade to find awesome classroom and lesson ideas.

ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) external icon
ASCD is where the information is for supervision and curriculum. This association is one of the leading groups in the field of education, supervision, and curriculum. Offering conferences and up-to-date periodicals, ASCD also provides ongoing research for the improvement of our schools.

Tip: Read sample articles based in your field under recent and past publications.

Discovery Education external icon
Discovery Education has so much to offer teachers it will never fit in this annotation. Lesson plans, videos, puzzlemakers, science fair ideas, contests, grants, science help and more. But this site is not only for the science fields. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Educators is also housed here. There are so many resources for educators, librarians, students, and schools to use.

Tip: Have your students create crossword puzzles for their peers.

Edutopia external icon
If George Lucas is involved, it must be cool! Search by keyword from over 2200 features on this site or browse a collection of over 100 downloadable videos to find the tools needed to help in promoting an interactive learning environment.

Tip: Check out the weekly newsletter from the George Lucas Foundation for new ideas and resources.

EduWeb external icon
Students may think they are just playing games, but learning is really what is going on. Grounded in the idea of game-based learning, students work through creative learning games and activities, all the while learning in a fun and engaging environment.

Tip: Challenge students to find cool activities for learning.

Library of Congress external icon
Need books, information, sources, or ideas? The Library of Congresswebsite has over 13 million digitized primary source items. Teachers, students, parents, and the community can all find something here.

Tip: Visit the American Memory section of the site to browse 100 separate collections arranged by topic.

MIT Open Courseware external icon
Don't miss this resource created by MIT for high schools to have open courseware materials for Biology, Calculus and Physics. High School teachers can use these materials to further enhance the education of their students in the classroom.

Tip: Search for labs and video demonstrations for your classrooms.

NASA external icon
Space, the final frontier. Or is it? NASA has a website to help your teachers and students find out. Enhance the study of science and technology by employing the diverse resources available from NASA. These include video e-Clips, podcasts, NASA television, live space station video, and blogs.

Tip: Check out the NASA Kids Club for new learning games.

Our Documents external icon
Need a fresh new way to teach American history? Our Documents is your site. One hundred important documents from American history are featured in this site, along with specialized tools for enhancing the study of them.

Tip: Search the Teacher Sourcebook and lesson plans for social studies ideas.

PBS Teachers external icon
PBS is a leader in programming. Make it work for your classroom or library. This site contains standards-based resources in the arts, health and fitness, mathematics, reading/language arts, science/technology, and social studies on the PBS Teachers site.

Tip: Search for lesson plans, activities and other materials that are tied to PBS programming, both on-air and online.

Read, Write, Think external icon
Created by teachers for teachers to offer the best materials for reading and language arts education. The site focuses onlearning language, learning through language and learning about language. Great site for any Language Arts, ESL, or English Teacher.

Tip: Search for lesson ideas, Web materials, student activities, and accompanying standards.

Smithsonian Education external icon
You can never go wrong with the Smithsonian! There is so much information on every topic. The Smithsonian Education website offers sections for families, students and educators.

Tip: The section for Educators includes a browsable lesson plan area (searchable by subject, keyword or grade level) and IdeaLabs, student interactive tutorials that enhance the use of the site.


Merlot external icon
There are too many things offered at this site to cover here. You will just have to check it out for yourself. Merlot stands for Multimedia Educational Research for Learning and Online Teaching. This site offers classroom activities, lessons from peers in the field of education, and much more.

Tip: Take a look at the personal collections from others in your field.

Moodle external icon
It's class management, free, at your fingertips--a free course management system that can be used in the elementary through college classroom. Moodle allows teachers to create Internet-based courses and websites. Provided for free through Open Source software, anyone can create sites for their students to use in and for class.

Tip: View the Moodle Demonstration Site to see how everything works.

WebQuest external icon
This is where Webquests are made and shared for your classroom. Webquests are an online inquiry-based lesson format. Problem solving and creative thinking skills are engaged in Webquests and this website links teachers to many different learning opportunities.

Tip: Use the Find Webquests tool to browse all these new online learning adventures.

Global Education 

Field Trip Earth external icon
Can't afford a field trip this year with your students? Field Trip Earth is the way to go. Learn about different animals ort ake a virtual field trip. This website monitors wildlife preservation projects all over the world and your class can go too. What's best is that you never have to leave the classroom!

Tip: Check out the interviews with field researchers. This is real life research for your young scientists.

Global School external icon
Bring the world together through their website. Global School creates opportunities for teachers and students around the world to work together in international based projects.

Tip: Check out the webinars and cyberfairs.

Google Earth external icon
Take a trip around the world from your own computer. Google Earth lets your class study the globe in a way that it never has before. Put in your destination and Google Earth will take you there.

Tip: Feel like you're flying when you type in destinations and Google Earth takes you there. Check out the Ocean and Sky!