AASL 2018 Elections

The following are the 2018 AASL Board of Directors and AASL Sections candidates. Names are provided for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement of the candidates. Detailed information about each candidate can be found in the biography provided with the ALA ballot. 

All AASL Candidates are subject to the Guidelines for Participation in AASL Elections approved by the AASL Board of Directors in June 2002.

Board of Directors | ESLS | ISS | SPVS

Board of Directors


Mary Keeling

Judi Moreillon

AASL Division Councilor

Diane Chen

Region 1 Director

Anita Cellucci 

Sarah Hunicke

Region 3 Director

Kathy Lester

Susan Yutzey

Region 6 Director

Rachel Altobelli 

Becky Calzada

Region 7 Director

Sue Heraper

Maria Petropulos

Educators of School Librarians Section


Elizabeth Burns

April Dawkins


Meghan Harper

Kym Kramer

Independent Schools Section


Elizabeth Nelson

Maegen Rose


Danielle Farinacci

Sarah Ludwig

Representative to the Board

Alpha DeLap

Phoebe Warmack

Supervisors Section


Sedley Abercrombie

Susan Gauthier 

View AASL candidates for ALA offices and ALA Council in the 2018 General Election.