Editorial Board

Chair: Marcia Mardis email icon

Members: Susan Ballard, Elizabeth Burns, Kathryn Lewis, Kathy Mansfield, Deborah Rinio and Kathleen Roberts

Staff Liaison: Stephanie Book email icon

Board liaison: Rob Hilliker email icon


To evaluate and revise or rewrite AASL’s learning standards and program guidelines.


  • Work with an Editorial Board, consisting of 7 members (including a chairperson) beginning in March 2015 and concluding in November 2017.
  • Collaborate with a research consultant hired by AASL to assist in conducting survey and focus group research of the profession in regards to the standards and guidelines.

  • Participate in regular conference calls as outlined in the Project Plan; dates for conference calls may shift within the Project Plan as the Work develops.

  • Work in collaborative online environments throughout the duration of the Work.

  • Research and report on current literature, environmental scans, and trend analysis.

  • Travel to ALA/AASL conferences for editorial board work.

  • Facilitate focus groups at conferences and analyze findings.

  • Co-write sections of the new document(s).

  • Write, develop, and present professional resources to support initial adoption and implementation, including but not limited to: education in face-to-face and virtual environments; and related articles, blogs, or research.

Implementation Task Force

Chair: Mary Keeling email icon

Members: Judy Deichman, Sara Kelly Johns, Kate Lechtenberg, Ellen McNair, Jeanie Phillips and Joyce Valenza

Staff liaison: Stephanie Book email icon and Sylvia Knight Norton email icon

Board Liaison: Diane Chen email icon


To develop a plan to support states, school systems and individual schools implement the 2017 learning and professional guidelines publication.


The Task Force will work in parallel to the Standards and Guidelines Editorial Board and will benefit from implementation data collected in surveys and focus groups conducted by the Editorial Board. The Task Force will be responsible to develop an implementation plan that introduces the standards and guidelines, builds awareness, understanding, and commitment within the school library profession and stakeholder communities.