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Regional Director: Pam Harland email

Regional Representative: Reba Tierney email

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Connecticut Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Shelley Stedman email

Vice-President/President-Elect: Barbara Johnson email

Delegate 1: Barbara Johnson email

Delegate 2: Shelley Stedman email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Shelley Stedman email

Legislative Contact: Shelley Stedman email

State Department of Education Contact: Martin Rose email


Maine Association of School Libraries external link icon

President: Amanda Kozaka email

Delegate 1: Cathy Potter email

Delegate 2: Jennifer Stanbro email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Gretchen Asam email

State Department of Education Contact: Sherry Wyman email


Massachusetts School Library Association, Inc. external link icon

President: Carrie Tucker email

Delegate 1: Anita Cellucci email

Delegate 2: Reba Tierney email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Rachel Bouhanda email

State Department of Education Contact: Katherine Lowe email


New England School Library Association external link icon

President: Dr. Carol Gordon email

Delegate 1: Dr. Carol Gordon email

Delegate 2: Susan Ballard email

Legislative Contact: Gerri Fegan email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Irene Kwidzinski email


New Hampshire School Library Media Association external link icon

President: Rachel Hopkins email

Vice President: Caitlin Bennett email

Delegate 1: Justine Thain email

Delegate 2: Audra Lewis email

Legislative Contact: Kelly Budd email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Kelly Budd email

State Department of Education Contact: Stan Freeda email


School Librarians of Rhode Island external link icon

President: Lisa Girard email

Vice President: Deanna Brooks email

Delegate 1: Sarah Hunicke email

Delegate 2: Lisa Girard email

Legislative Contact: Sarah Morenon email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Meredith Moore email


Vermont School Library Association external link icon

President: Donna Sullivan Macdonald email

President-Elect: Martine Larocque Gulick email

President Elect: Caitlin Classen email

Delegate 1: Donna Sullivan Macdonald email

Delegate 2: Deb Ehler-Hansen email

Legislative Contact: Peter Langella email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Beth Shelley email


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